There are currently twenty two children in juniors infants who are full of energy and enthusiasm as they embark on their journey in primary school. The junior infant class is being taught by Ms. Ryan who has lots of fun and exciting plans for the children for the year ahead. The Aistear progamme, trails around the local fairy trail and park, trips to shows etc. are some of the  activities which the children will engage in during the academic year.

Please find below some links to videos that you might find useful during the year. First there are some videos for introducing/revising the sounds

Phonics with the funnies s

My name is A song.

Introducing reading; which Jolly Phonics calls blending.

Epic Phonics-practice blending

Sounds and Blending Video- demonstration of blending starts at 2 minutes

Powerpoint from the Parents Information Evening October 2019.

Parents info meeting

January 2020:

Practicing reading a short reader. Watch from 2:30 for a way to help if your child is finding blending difficult.


Winter Wonders-ice painting and bird feeders

Winter Wonders-ice painting and bird feeders

During January we talked all about Winter. We discussed the weather, how we dress and how nature looks in Winter. We decided to make some bird feeders to help the hungry birds. Then in science we explored melting and freezing. We even tried some ice painting.

Spiderman rolls, splits and so much more.

Spiderman rolls, splits and so much more.

On Mondays we are so lucky. We have started gymnastics with Rody. He has been telling us how important it is to stretch and build up our core. We start by learning how to do the splits. It sounds tricky but Rody has a song to help us remember all the steps to follow....



Namaste! On Friday's we have a secret yoga code word before we start some stretches and poses. It is great fun following the stories and adding the actions. We also have a yoga alphabet that we use for a movement break in the classroom.