There are currently twenty one children in juniors infants who are full of energy and enthusiasm as they embark on their journey in primary school. The junior infant class is being taught by Ms. Ryan who has lots of fun and exciting plans for the children for the year ahead. The Aistear progamme, trails around the local fairy trail and park, trips to shows etc. are some of the  activities which the children will engage in during the academic year.

March 2020-School Closure  New post at the bottom with ideas for March 30th-April 3rd

Below are some links to games and activities your child may enjoy. The reading/phonics ones I have selected are all free to use and I have played most of them in school with the kids before. Please feel under no pressure to any of these. They are just suggestions if you would like to use them. I have also included to some active breaks, art sites that you might enjoy if searching for different things to engage with at home. Reading to your child is also a fantastic thing to do to engage them and build language skills. While children are writing/colouring/drawing could you please remind them of their “baby shark” fingers to promote the proper pencil grip. Take care and hope to see you all again very soon.

English/Phonics: If looking at sites online, many are based on the English system. Our phonics system is slightly different, but we have covered all sounds in phase 2, and many of the sounds in Phase 3. Below I have linked mostly to phase 2 games as the children will be most capable with these. You may of course try the phase 3 games for more of a challenge.

  1. Read the word and select the correct picture.
  2. Odd and Bob-Real or Fake words: Children read the word and decide is it real or made up.
  3. Phonic Pop: Children have to pop the bubble with the specific sound.

Phonics Readers: Link to the website for the printed readers I set home for shared reading. They are free to access and can be read online or printed. The children have done the sounds from set 1-set 7 and we have read only a few books from set 1 and 2 so far.

Other phonic readers: Oxford Owl website: This website has a free elibrary but requires you to register for access. Once in select age 4-5 to access readers that the children might be able to read.

Listening to stories read online:

  1. Storyline online. Free read aloud books service. Books for suggested grade levels K-1st  would be most appropriate.!
  2. Vooks: Can get 1 month free trial of read aloud animated stories.
  3. Epic: This is a free website with books for children to read, and or listen to books. I have set up a class account. Children can log in on laptops, log in with their code buh8723  then find their name. Or once you download the app to a tablet or phone, use the same login buh8723, find their name and off they go.

**Edit 20th March-I have been looking more at the Epic website and have assigned books the children should be able to try reading themselves. For words they don’t know (tricky words) they can click the word and it will read it aloud to them. They can still explore and read/listen to 1000’s of other books on the site.

Other Literacy sites:

  1. Twinkl: Site with lots of printable games for practicing phonics, writing a wide variety of subject areas. They have lots of art ideas and colouring pages also. Twinkl have given 1 month free membership with the code: IRLTWINKLHELPS

Maths games:

  1. Teddy numbers to 5
  2. Gingerbread man: Counting/matching/ordering to 5
  3. Shape Patterns: Children have to select which shape would come next in the pattern.

Art and Craft:

  1. Red ted art: Seems to have lots of simple crafts to complete at home.
  2. Directed drawing: Loads of ideas on Youtube. Art for Kids hub has lots simple step by step drawing guides like-How to draw a pot of gold

Active breaks:

  1. GoNoodle: Movement and mindfulness videos. Children love it in our classroom.
  2. Cosmic Kids Yoga: Can be accessed either on Youtube or



Max’s Homework 30th March-3rd April

Max’s Homework 30th March-3rd April

Monday 30th March, Hello juniors, We hope you had a nice weekend. It was lovely and bright out so we spent lots of time outside playing in the garden. Max did make time to help me bake some buns. They were just yummy. But Max was thinking a lot about all of you and...

Home Activities 30th March-3rd April

Dear Parents and Families, As before, I am including a list of activities that can be done at home over the coming week. These are just some suggestions, so feel free to pick and choose as suits you and your child best. In addition to this, Max will continue his daily...