We are pleased to inform you that our new school crest has been finalised and official tracksuit tops for our new school uniform are currently being manufactured. The top of the official tracksuit will bear our new school crest and will be available in Shortts’ Templemore. The new tracksuit top will be wine and the pants will be navy. Parents are free to purchase the tracksuit pants in Shortts’ or in an outlet of their choice but it is important that parents realise that any tracksuit pants must be plain navy with no sports logos, stripes, zips etc. Children should wear a white polo shirt under the tracksuit. No crest is required on the polo shirt. All pupils will require a tracksuit.

Should parents wish, they may also avail of a ‘generic’ version of our new school uniform which can be purchased in many different stores.

Should girls wish to wear a ‘pinafore and cardigan’ version of the uniform, they may purchase a navy pinafore and a wine cardigan at any outlet of their choice. Should parents wish, Shortts’ can supply iron-on/ sew-on school crests which may be sewn on to a plain cardigan. (This may also be sewn onto a v-neck jumper should boys wish to wear a more formal uniform consisting of a wine jumper and navy pants). However, on a note of caution, the suppliers inform us that other schools have found that it is not always ideal for individual parents to sew on crests as this can sometimes lead to problems with positioning and/or shrinkage due to different fabrics etc. Therefore, should any parent wish to purchase a cardigan or jumper which already bears the official crest, they may do so by placing an order for same from Shortts’. Pupils should wear navy, wine or white tights / socks with the uniform. Please note there is no obligation on any pupil to buy any other official version of the uniform other than the tracksuit top.

In an effort to reduce any unnecessary expense for parents we wish to stress that all pupils may, of course, continue to wear  the uniforms from St. Theresa’s NS or St. Patrick’s BNS or any elements from them  until parents personally wish to make a change.  Shortts are currently offering these old uniforms at very significantly reduced prices and we would encourage any parents who wish to avail of these special offers to contact them as soon as possible.