I hope you are all keeping well in these uncertain times. I have suggested some work below which can be completed at home before the Easter holidays. I will update again after Easter. As before there is no obligation to complete all of this work but I would suggest spending perhaps an hour or two on work each day.

If you would like to send pictures of any of the children’s work for feedback or if you have any questions you can contact me at mslanigansnc@gmail.com and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. I would appreciate if parents could send me a quick email so that I have a contact for each child if needed.

Please remember this is only a suggestion or a guideline based on what we would be doing in school. There are lots of activities to choose from and you can do as much as you please.

There are plenty of websites which have great resources to assist you when teaching or if you want to try alternative activities. Many of these have given free access to parents while schools are closed. Details of these are available on the school website.

Maths: For the moment the children can continue their daily work in their Number Facts books as well as their Mental Maths books. Revise tables as much as possible. I am attaching some games which can be played at home if you wish.



Fourth class Maths: You can access the books that we use for Maths online at cjfallon.ie which are giving free access to parents and students while schools are closed. When you go to the homepage there will be a link to the resources. Search for primary – 4th class – Maths – Busy at Maths. This brings up the maths books that we are using.

I would like 4th class to have a look at Chapter 19 – 3D shapes. They can have a look at the online resources and games that go with the chapter. There are lots of samples of 3D shapes around the house that can help them to understand this. They can complete some of the questions on a page or in a copy. Drawing nets of the shapes and trying to make their own 3D shapes might also be a good activity for them.

Please remember they do not have to do every question in the chapter – as much as they are able for is fine.

English: The children can continue to complete daily work in their English in Practice books and their Write Here books. Each class can also complete the next unit in their Reading Zone books. They can also finish off any stories they may have started in their story copies. They could use these copies to keep a diary of what they have been doing while off from school or write another story about a topic of their choice.

As their spelling books are in school the children can be completing Spellings For Me online. Their log in details are stuck into their homework diaries. If they have left this in school you can email me for their log in details.

Gaeilge: TG4 and Cúl4 have lots of children’s programmes that the children may find enjoyable and will help with their Irish. I am also attaching some Easter themed worksheets that can be completed.





SESE: You can access the books that we use for History, Geography and Science online at cjfallon.ie which are giving free access to parents and students while schools are closed. When you go to the homepage there will be a link to the resources or click on https://my.cjfallon.ie/dashboard/student-resources/?levels=0&classes=0&subjects=0&serieses=0&booktitles=0&types%5B0%5D=Book+Sample. Search for primary – 3rd class – SESE – Small World. This brings up the history and geography and science books that we are using.

History: Unit 12 – King Arthur and Excalibur – Read stories and complete activities A and B and choose to complete one activity from C or D orally or written. These can be answered on pages or in their English copies if they wish.

Geography: Continue project on a county of their choice. If this is finished they can research mountains in Ireland – name some of the bigger mountains and mountain ranges, where they are, how high are they, any interesting facts, etc.

Science: Unit 10 – Science and the World Around Us – Read and complete some of the activities at the end of each unit to check understanding.

Music – Practise the tin whistle or other instrument in preparation for the Communion.

Art – There are great drawing lessons on Art Hub for Kids on YouTube which include some great Easter ideas. There are lots of ideas for art that can be completed at home if you were to do a quick search online, for example https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/craft-ideas/how-to/g1389/diy-kids-activities/

PE – There are lots of ways to incorporate PE at home. Playing outside, going for a walk or run, football, hurling, setting up your own hurdles are just some ideas. There are also plenty of videos online to keep children active even on wet days such as Joe Wicks 5 Minute Move. He is also doing PE classes on his Youtube channel @thebodycoach every morning at 9am.

If you have any questions then please email me on mslanigansnc@gmail.com. I’d love to hear how everyone is getting on.