Hi everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed the  long weekend .  Once again we were blessed with the beautiful  weather. Now that we are at the start of June and the weather remains so good, we will start scaling down the work to be done at home after this week. I’m sure you are all finding it harder by the week to put the head down and complete assignments. After this week our focus will move to even more fun activities!  I’m hoping there will be no tears about this! For this week I will continue to have four activities each day on Seesaw for you to complete, should you wish. Well done on another tremendous effort on Seesaw last week. If you have any further photos/ work that you would like me to see,  send them onto me.  I will put photos on the website or twitter as soon as possible.  Please contact me should you have any queries at mskenneallysnc@gmail.com

Thanking you again for your support,

Frances Kenneally.

The following is a list of work from your books that you may complete this week. There is also a reading link and note about music. 


Spell Well– Weeks 35 and 36 (All Revision)    Complete one page per day.

Two Little Frogs Book

Phonics –  Page 66 word ending y as in jelly/ puppy/ nappy

Page 70 word ending y as in sky/ try/ cry

Grammar- Pages 79, 83, 90, 94 and 95 Revision

Handwriting Book– continue with your handwriting book

English in Practice– Pages 82-85 Revision- one page per day  Children can finish the book if they are feeling very studious!


Tables Champion– Pages 32,38 and 39 (All check- up pages)
Tables–  subtraction tables on page 4 of Tables Champion -8, -9, -10 (take one set every day)

Cracking Maths– Our new topic will be weight.  Children can complete activities based on weight and revision  om their Cracking Maths book Pages 152-155 (Weight) and Revision pages 125 and 156(See Seesaw every day for activities)

If you have not completed the Summer Assessment on Seesaw I assigned on Friday, please try and complete it during the week . On Wednesday, I will give each of you some questions that you can go over based on the questions you got incorrect in the Maths Assessment.



This week I am attaching the link for Engage Readers. Click on the link https://www.mycapstonelibrary.com/login/index.html

Then type in username: freeaccess and password: engage

As children are reading, they should  think about the reading strategies that they have focused on so far this year- prediction, making connections, questioning, determining importance, visualizing (making a movie in their head), declunking, clarifying and inferring.



As this is your last week of full homework, please revise  your notes and  tunes. You can play your favourite tune for me on Friday.