Dear parents,

In the light of the announcement of schools closing due to Covid-19, effective from today, I will be sending home some of the children’s books so they can keep up with their work over the next couple of weeks.

  • Spell well: Weeks 24, 25 and 26.
  • Master Your Maths: Weeks 23 and 24 and Week 23 test page 88 and Week 24 test page 25.
  • The Green Genie: Finish Unit 11.
  • Unit 12 – The Go-Cart (reading) plus activities.
  • Unit 13 – Going Places (reading) plus activities.
  • Handwriting: pages 26-29, letters i, j, l and t.
  • Maths Worksheets – Revision and Problem-Solving activities.

I would ask that the children continue to practice their prayers for their communion and I am sending home a copy of mass responses that you might practice with your child in preparation for their First Holy communion.

Wishing you all well over the next few weeks and we will hopefully see everyone back after the Easter break.

Thanking you,

Ann-Marie Clohessy.