Hello Everyone,

I would like to extend a warm welcome back to you all after the Easter break. Unfortunately, we are not back to school as we would like to be back but we are going to do the best we can by continuing our learning via other exciting, new ways. This will be a challenge for us all (teachers included) but I think if we practice good communication skills we will get there in the end.

Each evening, I will post up work to be tried out and completed, if possible, for the following day. A lot of the work will be working from the books and moving onto new units, as we had been doing before Easter. But for some things, you will be using your laptop, I-pad, phone etc to be exploring new topics. You might be asked to look at a video, listen to something, complete an activity, give a response etc. This is so I have some connection with you and can continue to observe your learning. To do this, your parents have signed you up to an app called Seesaw. You each have your own unique code to join the class and complete activities. I can then see and respond to your activities.

This is new to us all, me included, so if there is anything you or your parents are unsure of you can let me know by e-mail. I’m sure I will make many mistakes along the way too but we are all learning together and that is the main thing.

I will try to move on to new topics in maths and Irish. There will be a new maths activity for you to do on Seesaw each day if you can. I promise it won’t be hard. I also want you to continue working on your Master your Maths as normal and completing the Friday test each week. For the Irish I am going to move on in our Abair Liom book and I’ll be asking you to access the book online from the Folens website, if you can,  to listen and practice your comhrá, poems, songs etc. just as you had been used to doing in class with me on the whiteboard, but this time you will be pressing all the buttons!

For English, you will be continuing on with your Green Genie – one unit per week. The same with your Spell Well. Maybe the mams or dads (if they have time of course) could give you a test at the end of the week and send me on the results. I will also be uploading some activities on Seesaw for you to complete – maybe some writing, reading poetry etc. I will keep it simple I promise. I know many of you are continuing your reading of books at home and this is great to hear.

For our SESE (Geography, History and Science) I will again be asking you to access the Small World book online from the CJ Fallon website to do your reading and some activities. I will also be uploading links on Seesaw (videos, websites etc) for you to check out, based on whatever topic we will be covering that week.

For music, we will continue with the tin whistle. I will again upload a new tune each week. I know you will practice it as best you can. I would love to receive recordings of your playing via e-mail and Seesaw.

Finally, most importantly for you this year your First Holy Communion. I know that some of you had great plans for May 17th. We all had. As things are going, I don’t think that having your Communion on this date is going to be possible. And although you may not see it now, trust me, it is for the best. You want your Communion Day to be a special day for you and your family. You want to have all your family, including your extended family, neighbours and friends etc. to be there with you to celebrate the day. You want your big party, whether it’s at a restaurant/hotel, at home with bouncy castles and all the nice things that you deserve. This however, may not be allowed to happen for the near future. However, I can promise you that your big day will happen. We just have to wait a little longer. How long? I cannot tell you that for sure yet but I know it will be top priority to get sorted once we get back to school Please God.

This is why children you need to keep practicing your prayers and mass responses. I will put up links to stories and songs on Seesaw for you to have a listen to so that you can continue to prepare for your important day.

For now, I hope that you enjoy your experience of some online learning as well as continuing to enjoy all of the learning that you have been doing at home with your families – cooking, baking, doing household chores, art and crafts, farming, building, investigating nature, going for walks, running, playing games, sport, looking at movies etc are all a huge part of learning and growing up too.

I’d like to thank you and a special thanks to your mammies and daddies for getting on board with us and continuing on this journey together.

I miss you all and hope to see you soon.

Take care,

Mrs Clohessy.

P.S Attached is a layout of the weeks work for the week coming 20th – 24th April.

Layout of work for week of April 20th – 24th 2020

Gaeilge: go to folensonline for access to Abair Liom D. Free access to all students and parents.

For access go to http://FolensOnline.ie and click register, select Teacher, fill in a username, email and password. For Roll Number use the code Prim20.

  • Lesson 19 – An Dinnéar
  • Póstaer – Access to fócloir nua, dán, amhrán, ceisteanna.
  • Comhrá – Rólimirt agus ceisteanna.
  • Tráth na gcéist etc.
  • Keep an eye on Seesaw for activities to go with this weeks topic.



This week we are going to be covering subtraction without re-naming.

To access your busy at maths books online go to CJFallon online. Again, you will have free access to your busy at maths books as well as interactive activities. If using the e-book and activities online, the page numbers are from 108 to 110.

Each evening I will assign a written activity or two for you to complete by the following evening. Follow the instructions given on each activity.


The Green Genie – Unit 15 – Pets.

I would like you to get the following activities completed this week from Unit 15.

  • Read the story through a couple of times.
  • Underline/highlight any descriptive words/words that could be used as adjectives in the text e.g. playful, friendly, happy, clever etc.
  • Complete activities on page 61.
  • For activity D – I want you to write a descriptive piece about your pet. If you don’t have a pet, write about a pet that you would like to have. Use the headings provided in D to help you. I wrote a piece about my pet dog Cooper and you can check it out on Seesaw.
  • Phonics on page 62 – when the letter y comes at the end of the word and makes the ee sound. Complete activities a-d.
  • Word Study on page 63 – Describing words/adjectives – We have done a lot of work on adjectives this year already so I’m sure that you will have no problem completing the activities here.
  • Book Review – if there is a really good book that you are reading at the moment or have read recently, I’d love to hear about it. You will find this activity uploaded to seesaw. You can use a text box to fill in about your book or use the microphone tool to speak about your book under the topics. If you do not have a book ready for this week, don’t worry. You can complete this activity down the line.

Spell Well:

  • Week 27 page 56/57 – Continue as normal, taking one box per night and completing activities within the week.

Handwriting – continue on with 2 new letters this week.


  • For all SESE subjects, I will be uploading activities/links onto Seesaw.
  • Again, access to books through CJ Fallon online.

Primary – SESE – 2nd Class – Small World 2nd class – online book.

  • History – The milkman. Pages 58-59.
  • Science – Our five senses (Activities will be uploaded onto Seesaw.)

Tinwhistle – Baby Shark (Notes on Seesaw)