Third and Fourth Class

Work to be completed during school closure


This is a suggestion of some work that can be completed while the school remains closed. No pressure to complete all of it. The children can work at their own pace and should be able to complete most of the work independently. Approximately 30 – 40 mins should be spent on work each day.

Should the school remain closed for longer than two weeks the children can continue with their textbooks as usual.


Third and Fourth Class

Mental Maths (weeks 26 & 27), English in Practice (days 99 – 110) – one day to be completed each day

Write Here book – one page to be done at a time

Narrative Writing – Choose your own topic

SESE – choose a county and do research on their chosen county – where it is, neighbouring counties, tourism, interesting facts, etc. This can be presented as a large poster if they wish.


Fourth Class

Worksheets to be completed at their own pace

Reading Zone – Unit 26 and 27 – read story and complete activities (A to E)

Number Facts books (weeks 25 & 26)


Third Class

Reading Zone – Units 25 and 26 – read story and complete activities (A, B, C, E, F)

Maths: revision sheets, Chapter 21 3D shapes (has been photocopied for them)

Number Facts – dividing by 5 and multiplying by 10

Chapter 8

Chapter 10

analogue and digital time

Chapter 11 and 12

Chapter 1

Chapter 6 (1)

synonyms and antonymas (1)

Chapter 7