I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. I have suggested some work below which can be completed at home. As before there is no obligation to complete all of this work but I would suggest spending perhaps an hour or two on work each day.

I will be putting some activities on Seesaw during the week which can be completed at your own pace. If you have not contacted me to give consent to set up a profile for your child then please email me at mslanigansnc@gmail.com to give consent and I will forward details to you.

As we are only beginning to use Seesaw, I will only be putting a few activities on it this week to give us time to get used to it and after this week we will hopefully get into more of a routine with it.

If you would like to send pictures of any of the children’s work for feedback or if you have any questions you can contact me at mslanigansnc@gmail.com and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. I would appreciate if parents could send me a quick email, if you have not already done so, so that I have a contact for each child.


Please do not be alarmed at the following list of work. It is only a suggestion or a guideline based on what we would be doing in school. We will be beginning some new topics which might be difficult at first but please try your best to complete them and please email me if you have questions.


There are plenty of websites which have great resources to assist you when teaching or if you want to try alternative activities. Many of these have given free access to parents while schools are closed. If you would like me to share some of these with you then just send me a quick email and I will forward on the information you need.


Ms O’Sullivan and I have been keeping in regular contact since school has closed. She has put together work for third class to complete in Maths and English. She will also be working on the activities on Seesaw. If you would like to contact her directly then please email her on msosullivansnc@gmail.com.






Maths Third Class

Busy at Maths Chapter 22 length. The pupils can do a page a day.

The book can be accessed on the CJFallon website. The link for the website is as follows:


Click ‘student resources’, then filter to the class (Third Class), subject (maths) and title you require (Busy at maths), making sure ‘Online Book’ is selected under ‘Resources’. This will display the book.

The interactives (resources, click interactives) can be used to aid in understanding in what is expected and has some activities to do. They match with the page of the maths book.

I have included some resources you might find useful when completing the chapter.




Mental Maths – continue onto the next week

Number Facts – Unit 12 dividing by 10

There is also an activity on Seesaw to completed.


Maths Fourth Class

You can access the books that we use online at cjfallon.ie. They have a link to free resources during Covid-19 on their home page. Once you have clicked on this then search for primary – 4th class – Maths – Busy at Maths. This brings up the maths book that we are using along with interactive activities that go along with each page. You will need to enter a name and email address to access this. Plenty of practice on multiplication and division tables which can be completed orally or written could also be done.

Please continue to work on Mental Maths and Number Facts books every day.

Chapter 22 – Length

Children can complete a page each day.

Use rulers, measuring tapes and anything else they can find at home to help with measuring.

There are activities and videos that accompany the pages of this chapter which will be useful for helping the children.

Activities from the books can be completed in copies.

There is an activity on Seesaw to help with this chapter also.

I have linked some extra resources below may also help with completing the chapter on Length.

Activity Sheet – Estimating and Measuring Lines


Presentation – Measuring in Centimetres

English Third Class

Reading Zone Unit 27.

Pupils will please read the story and answer the following the activities over the week – exercises A, B, C and E. The pupils can use their dictionaries to look up the words in red and put into sentences. The pupils may write a story board for the story they have read. They can pick four sections of the story to complete (beginning, two middle sections and ending). They have done this before and can be done in their copies or print off the template.  A link for the template is linked below:



English Fourth Class

Under the Hawthorn Tree – children can finish reading the novel if they have not already done so and complete the dictionary work pages I have linked below. I also have an activity on Seesaw which I would like them to complete.

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Reading Zone – Complete Unit 29 ‘The Lady of Stavoren’ and do activities in their copies. You can send me pictures of some of the work in their copies if you wish.


The following is for both third and fourth class

Writing: We would have been beginning to focus on procedural writing in school and I believe that the children will be more than capable of this themselves at home.

I have an activity for this on Seesaw which the children can do in their copies and then please send a picture of their completed work to me.

I also have some resources linked here which may help them with their procedural writing.

Powerpoint for procedural




Spellings: Spelling books can also be accessed online on cjfallon.ie. As with the Maths books use the filters to choose the class (3rd or 4th), then English, Spellwell and open the online book. Read through the words, looking any unknown words up in their dictionaries. Put the words into sentences as they had been doing for homework before closures. They may also complete any of the activities in the book in their copies if they wish.

Both classes should complete week 23.

Children can also continue Spellingsforme if that suits better.



Folens are giving free access to parents and students while schools are closed. This will be great for the children as they can view their books, listen to the stories/poems and play the online games. To do this, complete the following steps:

  • Go to ieand click register
  • Select Teacher
  • Fill in a username, email and password
  • For Roll Number use the code:  Prim20

Fuaimeanna agus Focail can be accessed through FolensOnline.

3rd Class: Aonad 21, Page 64, Cartún

4th Class: Aonad 21, Page 64, An Zú

Read through spellings, talk through activities, complete sample spelling test at the end of the week.


Abair Liom

When you access Abair Liom on FolensOnline please choose theme Caitheamh Aimsire (Pastimes)

3rd Class – Lá sa Pháirc (day at the park)

4th Class – An Turas Scoile (school tour)

Read through stories, complete games online, listen to comhrá, access e-books – pg. 140, read vocab on posters, read stories and questions

Activities on Seesaw also linked to book.


TG4 and Cúl4 have great kids programmes as Gaeilge which would be good to watch at times to get them to listen to Irish.



SESE (over two weeks)

You can access the books that have these topics online at cjfallon.ie just as with the maths book. Search for primary – 3rd class – SESE – Small World – Third Class History or Small World – Third Class Geography & Science. This brings up the history and geography & science books that we are using.



Unit 13 – Life in Norman Ireland

Read stories and complete activities A and B and choose to complete one activity from C or D orally or written or they could complete one of the activities below.

I will also link some extra resources which may help the children to understand this topic better and has some extra activities.







Geography and Science

Children can continue their project on a county of their choice or mountains if they have not finished. If you are finished, I would love to see some pictures of them.

Unit 12 – Rainforests

Read stories and complete some of the activities at the end of each unit to check understanding. I have linked some extra resources which may also help.











Music – Practise the tin whistle or other instrument. Listen and respond to different genres of music at home if possible.

https://dabbledoomusic.com/ have given free access to their resources at this time and they have some lovely activities online which the children will enjoy.

I would love to see the children playing their instruments. If they have any tunes learned then please do send them on to me. I will be putting up more tin whistle songs for them soon.


Art – There are great drawing lessons on Art Hub for Kids on YouTube. There are lots of ideas for art that can be completed at home if you were to do a quick search online, for example https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/craft-ideas/how-to/g1389/diy-kids-activities/


PE – There are lots of ways to incorporate PE at home. Playing outside, going for a walk or run, football, hurling, setting up your own hurdles are just some ideas. There are also plenty of videos online to keep children active even on wet days such as Joe Wicks 5 Minute Move. He is also doing PE classes on his Youtube channel @thebodycoach every morning at 9am.


I understand that this appears to be a long list of work. Please do not feel under any pressure to complete it all. Do as much as your child is capable of and leave it at that. Remember that I am putting up work for a full week and some subjects are for two weeks. I am fully aware that parents are under pressure with children at home and possibly having to work from home themselves. I am not trying to add to that pressure so do not feel pressure to complete more work than you feel able to.