Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well as we continue to work together. We are all hopeful that we will be back to normal soon but until then we will all continue to do the best we can. Everyone is working well at home and is doing great work on Seesaw. I know it takes a bit of getting used to but I think we are all doing a great job.

I am going to start laying some of the work out on more of a daily basis from now on to make it a bit easier to follow. Some of the work will be based in the children’s books but Ms. O’Sullivan and I will also be putting some exercises on Seesaw each day. Most of them will be Maths, English and Irish but I will also throw in some for SESE, SPHE or Art also. However, as before this is just a suggestion and the work can be completed in any order you like. Only do what you feel your child is able for.

I have sent details about the Active Home Challenge in an email. This is a great way to stay active and also covers P.E. If you do any of these activities then please send me some photos of you being active so that we can share them on the website and on the school twitter account.

I would also recommend watching RTE school hub as they have some great lessons and activities.

Cúl4 on TG4 are also running lessons in Gaeilge each morning at 10am which can help with Irish.

Thanks again for your continued support as we navigate this new way of teaching and learning.

I have really been enjoying seeing all of your work on Seesaw and by email. It’s great to hear about how you are all getting on while we are at home and of all the things you have been doing with your families.

If anyone needs an access code for Seesaw then please email me.

If you have any further questions, Ms. O’Sullivan and I will gladly be of assistance.

Kind regards,

Ms. Lanigan.


Third Class Numeracy:

Busy at Maths Chapter 24 Lines and Angles.

Busy at Maths Chapter 23: Multiplication and division by 7 pages. 123

The book can be accessed on the CJFallon website. The link for the website is as follows:


Click ‘student resources’, then filter to the class (Third Class), subject (maths) and title you require (Busy at maths), making sure ‘Online Book’ is selected under ‘Resources’. This will display the book.

The interactives (resources, click interactives) can be used to aid in understanding in what is expected and has some activities to do. They match with the page of the maths book.

Weblinks tutorial 75 – 78 and 73 are very useful this week.


Number Facts: Unit 13: divide by 5

Mental Maths – continue onto the next week


Third Class Literacy

Spellwell Week 24 – revision week.


Reading Zone Unit 30

Read the story and answer activities A, B and C

Creative Writing: Write an alternative/different ending for the story if the farmer had given a peach to the monk. Continue the story from here:

Just before noon, a monk approached the farmer and asked him for a peach. ‘’I have no money and cannot pay you’’ said the monk. ‘’Of course you shall have a peach’’ the farmer replied…..


Maths 4th Class

Continue to do daily activities in Mental Maths and Number Facts books.

Go over tables on a regular basis if possible.


Busy at Maths

This week we will be looking at Chapter 23 – Decimals

I will have an activity on Seesaw each day based on the following:

Monday – adding decimals. Use the online tools on cjfallon to watch the tutorials for pages 115 and 116.

Tuesday – subtracting decimals. Use the online tools on cjfallon to watch the tutorials for page 117.

Wednesday – multiplying decimals. Use the online tools on cjfallon to watch the tutorials for page 118.

Thursday – dividing decimals. Use the online tools on cjfallon to watch the tutorials for page 119.

Friday – revision of decimals.


English 4th Class

Continue to do daily work in English in Practice books and regular work in Write Here.

Spellwell – Week 24 – Revision week. Do activity on Seesaw which we be up on Monday.


Reading Zone – Unit 30 – Fooled By Words – complete activities each day orally or in English copies.

Complete dictionary work on any new words in the story.

Seesaw work for English:

Monday – spelling activity

Tuesday – activity based on Under the Hawthorn Tree on Seesaw.

Wednesday – grammar activity on Seesaw

Thursday – Procedural Writing – Go over ways to write instructions and think about ‘bossy’ verbs that can be used.

Look at example on Seesaw and complete instructions on how to play a game of your choice.

Friday – poetry – read and respond to poem on Seesaw.



Fuaimeanna agus Focail – read through words, use pictures and dictionary to help with understanding, complete activities orally or in copies if possible, learn 3 words each day and practise writing them out.

Rang a 3 – Aonad 22 – Na litreacha eo

Rang a 4 – Aonad 22 – Na litreacha éi


Abair Liom – We will continue to work on Caitheamh Aimsire for the next few weeks.

Rang a 3 – Lá sa Pháirc

Rang a 4 – An Turas Scoile

Monday – Complete the activity on Seesaw.

Tuesday – Use Folens Online to go back over the vocab for each poster and listen to the story and poem again.

Wednesday – Use Folens Online to listen to the comhrá with this chapter and complete the activity on Seesaw. Complete activity on Seesaw.

Thursday – Go over vocab, poem and story on Folens Online and complete activity from books on Seesaw.

Friday – Go over vocab, reading story and poem.



For the next few weeks, I will be focusing on wellbeing. I will be putting an activity to do with wellbeing on Seesaw every few days. These will vary from thinking about happy memories and happy emotions to dealing with worry.

The first one will be about remembering happy times and drawing pictures and writing sentences about some happy memories.



Continue work on Life in Norman times – activity on Seesaw will be put up during the week.


Geography and Science

Continue work on Rainforests – Look at video on Seesaw and respond to activity.



Activity on Art that can be completed outside on Seesaw.

As I have already said, this is just a suggestion of work to be completed. Please only do as much as you are able for. At times, I may add some extra activities on Seesaw during the week that will be linked to different subjects. Again, only do what you are able for.