Fourth Class supporters hoping to inspire our team through poetry.

County Final Assembly- All enjoying the atmosphere.

Fifth Class sing their Co. Final Song

Sixth Class, accompanied by Mr. Small raise the rafters with a ‘Borris’ Slievenamon!

Junior Infant Cheers for Borris-Ileigh

Scoil Naomh Cualán has been a hive of activity as we prepare for the upcoming Co. Final on Sunday, October 8th. Our senior hurlers will take on an experienced Sarsfields side but we have no doubt that our heroes will more than make up for any lack of experience with heart, skill and determination. The excitement of the occasion has led to an outpouring of talent in the form of poetry, song and visual arts as everybody in Scoil Naomh Cualán joins in wishing our team the very best of luck on Sunday. Our Co. Final Assembly was a wonderful experience of music, song and cheers as the hall rang out to our poems and songs composed for the occasion. Remembering our heroes of past and present and finishing with our parish anthem, Lovely Fair Ileigh, ensured that our citizens of the future  go forward with a pride of place and people which springs from our unique and treasured heritage.  We are immensely proud of our past pupils, friends and relations on their progress so far and look forward to many future successes as our current pupils seek to emulate the achievements of our team.   Buireas Uí Luíoch Abú!


The Greats of Borris-Ileigh 

(Air of Slievenamon)

In Borrisoleigh, that’s where I long to be,

‘mongst the greatest Irelands ever seen,

The hurlers there are great, the boys are never beat,

On the Dan Breen all our hearts are set.

On the green fields of play, we dream of the County Final Day,

When the Sars will go home without the cup!

For on that fateful day, Paddy Saint will lead the way,

And Borris will be the champs once more!


T’was in the days of yore, Borris were to the fore,

But the glory days are just a memory,

With Jimmy Finn and Bobby Ryan, our hurlers were sublime,

And  young Noel O’Dwyer was in his prime.

But those days are all gone,

It’s now we must push on!

And make Borris the kings once again!

With our new super stars, we’re going to beat the Sars!

And Borris will be the champs once more!


And with our super stars, we’re going to beat the Sars!

And Borris will be the champs once more!

By Mr. Small and Sixth Class.

First Class Cheers

Second Class looking forward to the Co. Final