Maths week runs from October 13th to 21st. The whole school has been maths crazy this week as we celebrate maths week. We have been so busy in Junior Infants. On Tuesday some friends from 3rd Class (Shane, Keelan, Ava, Lucy Zara and Emma) came and helped us with some matching games. Some groups learned to play dominoa. Then we had great fun playing Snakes and Ladders or Ludo. Thanks so much to 3rd class for helping us out with the tricky job of counting on the right amount. Then Mrs Slattery had us guessing how much Lego was in the box. And on Thursday we were worried that Mrs. Quinlan wouldn’t be able to get home as her car was full of balloons. But after guessing how many were in the car, we helped her out by taking home a balloon each. Thanks to Mrs. Slattery who was busy organising all these fun things for us.