Layout of work for week of April 27th – May 1st 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and you are ready for a bit more school work this week. I was so impressed by the effort that everyone put in completing their activities both in their books and on Seesaw. Also, a big thank you to the parents who are working hard at home with you too. I know that it is not always easy at this time. Again, I encourage all parents and children to do as much as you can do, as everyone’s home situation is different at the moment.

Children, you are well able to work away in your work books yourselves and get some of the activities done as you had been doing up until now in school and at home.

Gaeilge: go to folensonline for access to Abair Liom D. Free access to all students and parents.

For access go to and click register, select Teacher, fill in a username, email and password. For Roll Number use the code Prim20.

For this week again, we will be working from Lesson 19 – An Dinnéar. I will be uploading some activities to complete based on this chapter during the week on to Seesaw.

  • Lesson 19 – An Dinnéar
  • Póstaer – Access to fócloir nua, dán, amhrán, ceisteanna.
  • Comhrá – Rólimirt agus ceisteanna.
  • Tráth na gcéist etc.
  • Keep an eye on Seesaw for activities to go with this weeks topic.


This week we are going to be covering the topic of Weight.

This is a great topic to do at home as you will have so many resources at your fingertips. If you have some sort of weighing scale at home (kitchen/bathroom) that would be great as we will be doing some weighing activities during the week.

Again, to access your busy at maths books online go to CJFallon online where you will have free access to your busy at maths books as well as interactive activities. If using the e-book and activities online, the page numbers for this week’s chapter are pages 104 to 107.

Each evening I will assign a written activity or two for you to complete by the following evening. Follow the instructions given on each activity.

Master Your Maths: Week 26 (plus Friday test.)

I had not this included on your list for last week. If you have Week 26 already completed, then you can take a break from Master Your Maths but I will upload some problem-solving maths activities during the week for you to work on Seesaw.


The Green Genie – Page 64 – Unit 16 – Copper

I would like you to get the following activities completed this week from Unit 16.

  • Read the story through a couple of times.
  • Underline/highlight any verbs you come across in your reading. Remember verbs are doing words (the word to follow the person) e.g. rushed, loved, knew, went etc.
  • Complete activities on page 65.
  • Phonics on page 66 – when the letter y comes at the end of the word and makes the ie sound. E.g. fly, cry, by, my. Complete activities A-C.
  • Word Study on page 67 –Verbs- We have done some work already on verbs (doing words) this year, so I’m sure that you will have no problem completing the activities here.
  • This week I want you to use the story of Copper as an example to write your own short story about a time when you saved the day. This story can be real or made up. Remember to always plan out your story before you start. I will upload a mind map on Seesaw for you to use to help plan your story. Remember your story must have a beginning, a middle and an end. Try to use paragraphs – 1 for the beginning, 2 for the middle and 1 for the end. Just like a nice ham, salad sandwich! 🙂

Spell Well:

  • Week 28 page 58/59 – Continue as normal, taking one box per night and completing activities within the week.
  • The double f sound, as in cliff.
  • The double l sound, as in yell.

Handwriting – continue on with 2 new letters this week.


  • For all SESE subjects, I will be uploading activities/links onto Seesaw.
  • Again, access to books through CJ Fallon online.

Primary – SESE – 2nd Class – Small World 2nd class – online book.

  • Geography – Map of Ireland (page 72 in Small World)
  • Please click on the following link to learn some facts about the Geography of Ireland.

Have a go at learning about Ireland’s 4 provinces – Munster, Leinster, Connacht and Ulster and their counties using the following poem, found at this link;

I will upload a copy of the poem onto Seesaw.

History: Our topic in history this week is about the very important job of a nurse. The job of a nurse has always been such an important one, but now more than ever we see the importance of our nurses, doctors and healthcare workers in Ireland and the difficult job that they have.

This week we take a look back in time at a “Nurse on Duty” page 68 of our Small World books and then we will read the two stories of Jimmy and Caoimhe (page 69) and compare the time they both spent in a hospital and see how times have changed (pictures of these pages will be uploaded onto Seesaw during the week also)

Tinwhistle – 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive (Notes on Seesaw)