Hello boys and girls,

I hope you are all well and enjoying your first week of the Easter holidays. Hope you are getting a little lie in! I miss you all so much and really look forward to seeing you all soon again. I’ve been in contact with some of your parents and I am delighted to hear that you have been doing some of the work that I marked for you when we finished school. I am also thrilled to hear of all the fun you are having at home, away from the books eg. Baking cookies, walks up the field, helping with jobs, playing board games, digging for treasure etc. All of these activities sound like so much fun! Being outside in the fresh air is so good for us all so make sure and spend lots of time outside while the weather is really nice. Mammies and daddies are very busy people so make sure and help out at home too. I‘ve no doubt but you are making a great effort to help at home. I am very busy at home with my three children. I do some school work with Réiltín every day. We watch the School Learning Hub on RTE 2. I really enjoyed the lesson on shapes. I wonder did you know the 3-D shapes we had started in school before we closed. Cube? Sphere? Cone? Cuboid? Cylinder? We also enjoy going for a walk up to the river, playing on the trampoline, doing some baking…. Baby Tom was one last weekend so we baked a cake for his party. He hasn’t started walking yet but he is very busy opening presses, trying to eat coal, throwing toys around the sitting room. He is a right little monkey!!!!
 Take a little break from your schoolwork until after Easter and we will start doing a little bit again. It is very important to continue reading though.   We know this is the best way to become a better reader. Don’t forget all the reading strategies and their actions; prediction, making connections, questioning and visualizing(making a movie in your head). After Easter we will try and do some lessons on the computer/ laptop/iPad  instead of writing in books or copies. I will be in contact with your parents later in the week about this. I wish you all a lovely Easter. I hope you all get a little Easter egg on Easter Sunday. I wonder how many of us have kept to our Lenten promise????
Remember if you would like any photos of yourself put on the website or twitter ask your parents to email the photos to mskenneallysnc@gmail.com
I look forward to hearing from you all after Easter. Take care everybody and remember all the safety rules to keep you and your family safe.
Chat to you soon,
Ms. Kenneally .