Dear parents,

I have uploaded the outline of work for the coming week. Please use it as a guideline for activities. Thank you so much for all your efforts so far. It has been a learning journey for us all, that is set to continue for the next few weeks. If you have any difficulties or queries, please get in touch. I would love to be of assistance if possible.

All the best,

Ms. Ryan

Weekly outline 5th-8th May

Daily outline 5th-8th May

I have also uploaded some of the worksheets and the poems we will be covering this week

ap family Reading for the ap family

Poems I like and little miss muffet

Worksheets-Formation of 5 and real or silly words reading

Our focus for the next fortnight is food/being healthy. Discuss with your child the things we need to be healthy- good food, exercise and sleep. It can be used as a basis for discussing the types of food that are healthy and good for helping us to grow. I have attached a power point that discusses ways of staying healthy.

Staying Healthy

The story of the hungry caterpillar is a good one to use to talk about healthy and unhealthy food.