Senior Infant Homework 13th-29th March 2020

Dear Parent,

As you know, schools are closed effectively from tomorrow March 13th until Sunday 29th. Here is some work which can be completed by the children during their time off. This work can be spaced out over the duration of the closure of school.  Kind Regards, Ms. O’Brien



  • Ready to Write Handwriting Book: pg 40 (small o), pg 41 (capital O), pg 42 (small p), pg 43 (capital P) pg 44 (revision of letters; Mm, Nn, Oo, Pp) and pg 45 (Capital Letters)
  • Murphys Handwriting Copies:
  • Sentences: The duck is wet. The sock is red. (pg 1)
  • Sentences pg 2: The rock is big. The sack is black.
  • Sentences pg 3: A cat has a tail. A dog has hair
  • Reader: What a Mess! : Revision of all the book
  • Dictation: yellow copy: cube. 2. huge. 3. tube. 4. rude 5. rule
  • Dication: yellow copy: 1. flute 2. mute. 3. duke, 4. cute. 5. tune


  • Busy at Maths:
  • Count the number in each set. Add and write pg 30
  • Add. Write pg 31
  • Add. Write pg 32
  • Add. Write pg 33
  • Addition to 10 Colouring Sheet


  • Shamrock Colouring Sheet
  • Easter Colouring Sheet