Dear Parents,
I hope you and all the family are keeping well and enjoyed the Easter break. Great to hear from so many of you. The children sound like they are having a fantastic time outside playing, baking, making soaps and perfume, doing art and crafts etc. Now that the holidays are over, I am outlining a plan of work that may be completed at home over the next week. As we have already stated on numerous occasions, there is absolutely no obligation to complete this work. Do as much as you feel you and your child are able for.
I will also be putting some activities each week night on Seesaw which the children can complete. The children who have tried out the practice assignment have done remarkably well using Seesaw. If you have not contacted me to give consent to set up a profile for your child then please email me at . I will in turn forward your child’s access code for Seesaw.
Thanks to all the parents who have forwarded pictures of their children working/ having fun at home. If you would like to send any further pictures you can email them to me and I can put them on the school website/twitter. Likewise if you would like to send pictures of your child’s work for feedback or if you have any questions you can contact me at and I will try to get back to you as quickly as I can.
I would appreciate if parents that have not already sent me an email could do so as soon as possible so as I have a contact for each child.

The following is a list of work that the children may complete over the coming week of they wish.

*Also please remember to check your Seesaw app everyday for some fun activities. 

Spell Well– Week 29 (magic e sound) pages 60 and 61
Two Little Frogs-Read one story each day and answer the questions orally or else you can write them if you wish
Unit 14 The Man who Tried to Please Everyone
Unit 15 Jack and his Cat
Unit 16 The Cat Family
Unit 17 The Colours of the Rainbow
Unit 18 Rapunzel
Two Little Frogs– pages 74,78, 82, 86 (all based on the magic e words)
pages 55,59,87 (compound words)
Handwriting Book– continue with your handwriting book
English in Practice– Unit 11 (page 53 to 56)

Our theme for this week is Caitheamh Aimsire (pastimes) Ag imirt rugbaí(playing rugby)

Folens Book Publishers are giving access to all digital resources for the Abair Liom Irish programme. For access go to and click register, select Teacher, fill in a username, email and password. For Roll Number use the code Prim20.

Once logged in, go to search and type in ag imirt rugbaí, then click on the second box, Póstaer and you will find lots of activities based on this week’s theme. Some of the options are as follows Cuardach (search), Foclóir(vocabulary), Ceisteanna (questions), Amhrán (song) and Dán (song). The children use this website in school on a daily basis so they should be well able to do the activities.
Before starting any of the activities the children should go over the following words.
The following are the words/ vocabulary that the children will use over the coming week. Please click on the link below.

Flashcards Irish – caitheamh aimsire (pastimes)

Listen to the pronunciation of words below.



Work It Out– Week 30
Tables Champion– Week 25
Tables– start subtraction tables on page 4 of Tables Champion -1 and -2
Say tables as follows 1 take away 1 equals 0
2 take away 1 equals 1
3 take away 1 equals 2 etc.
Cracking Maths– I am aware that children don’t have their textbook at present so for now use the online version of the book below and the children can write their answers on a sheet/ in a copy etc.
The children can recap on the work they had started on 3-D shapes pages 120-121
Ordinal numbers( 1st, 2nd, 3rd…) pages 122-124


History and Geography
Theme of Australia- Pages 70 and 71 and page 74 The Flying Doctors
You could also look up National Geographic Kids to find out lots of more interesting facts about Australia

Small World page 62- spring

Using your Small World book on page 71 as a guide. Make a picture using patterns like the Aboriginal people use to tell a story about your life. Maybe it might be a picture of something you love/ a place you like to go/ your favourite animal etc.
If you do have some cotton buds and paint at home you could paint a dot Aboriginal Art picture.

Play board games, go on walks, help out with some jobs at home, make sure and have a good routine (eat a healthy breakfast, brush your teeth, tidy your room) etc.

Continue revising all your music notes. Remember ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. Main focus this week is Old McDonald. Here’s a copy of the tune in case you don’t have it.

Try playing a new note this week, C Sharp. C sharp is played by holding your tin whistle as normal but not covering any holes. Use your two thumbs at the back as usual to hold your tin whistle in place.
See image below.

Start each morning off with Joe Wicks, ‘The Body Coach’ P.E exercises on his YouTube Channel at 9am each morning or do a Go noodle activity