Hi everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed another lovely weekend . Once more, thanks to the boys and girls who made a great effort on Seesaw last week. I received some more amazing work. Below is the Seesaw timetable for the week.  If you have any further photos/ work that you would like me to see,  send them onto me.  I will put photos on the website or twitter as soon as possible.  Please contact me should you have any queries at mskenneallysnc@gmail.com

Thanking you again for your support,

Frances Kenneally.

*Please note this is open to change

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
English- My Weekend  English- Reading Strategy (Inferring) English- Listening Activity English- Poetry English- Procedural texts
Maths-Capacity and Revision Maths -Capacity and Revision Maths- Capacity and Revision Maths -Subtraction and Revision Maths- Subtraction and Revision
Gaeilge- Revision Gaeilge- Revision Gaeilge- Revision Gaeilge- Revision PE
Sounds Around Us Local History Local History SPHE Music



Spell Well– Week 34 Pages 70 and 71 (long i sounds as in pie and long i sounds as in light)

Here is a link to the answers for the Spell Well Book. Children can self-correct if they would like to.

Spellwell 1 & 2 Answers


This week I am attaching the link for My Read at Home Book 1. This is a CJ Fallons book. Please use your username and password to sign in. The children can read one story per day. I did not choose the stories for the children, instead let them choose stories they have an interest in reading. Before reading the passage, children should be encouraged to read the Check Up Questions on the page, as an aid to help their recall. Children should then read the passage and answer the questions orally. As children are reading, they should  think about the reading strategies that they have focused on so far this year- prediction, making connections, questioning, determining importance, visualizing (making a movie in their head), declunking and clarifying.


Two Little Frogs Phonics tr   pl   pr   cl   dr   page 58

Grammar Finding Mistakes/Errors   Page 51

Handwriting Book– continue with your handwriting book

English in Practice– Pages 77-81 Revision- one page per day

Please note here is the answer book to the English in Practice Book- the children can self correct if they please



We are going to be doing some revision this week on Seesaw.  Abair Liom Pages 140-143


Tables Champion– Week 30
Tables– start subtraction tables on page 4 of Tables Champion -7

Cracking Maths– Our new topic will be capacity and we will do some more work based on subtraction. Children can complete activities based on capacity and subtraction  from their Cracking Maths book Pages 145-148 and 126-128(See Seesaw every day for activities)

There will also be three revision questions on Seesaw every day for the children to complete.

Small World Book

Sounds Around Us Page 96- Small World

Local History

(See Seesaw timetable)


Continue with your diorama based on the theme of  ‘Under the Sea’


This week you can try out the tune ‘Kerry Polka’