Senior Infants

The senior infants class have been very busy this month. We were all very excited to see the snow falling one day. We had great fun playing in the snow. We threw snow balls and made our own snowman. We had to search around in the snow to find some sticks for his arms and we had to give him eyes, a nose and a mouth.




We were also busy in our music class. We spent an afternoon playing some music with different instruments. We took turns playing with tambourines, wood blocks and maracas. This was a lot of fun and we sounded great singing our songs and playing our own music.




Junior Infants

Since returning to school after the Christmas holidays, the Junior Infants have been very busy. We were all delighted to see the snow falling during our second week back. We wrapped up nice and warm in our coats, hats, scarves and gloves and went outside to have a snowball fight and to make a snowman. Although our snowman was small, we thought he looked a bit like Olaf and we gave him lovely eyes, a nose a mouth and a hat for his head. We wish it would snow more often!

Cathal O Connell, has started to do some GAA skills with us on Friday mornings. We play lots of fun games, our favourite one is Turtle Tag. Cathal teaches us how to throw and catch a ball properly and to pass it to our friends. We are getting very good at these skills. The best thing of all is that we get to do a lot of running which we know is important for our health and fitness. IMG_4122[1]IMG_4121[1]IMG_4127[1]IMG_4144[1]IMG_4139[1]