Layout of work for week of June 2nd – 5th 2020

Hello Boys and Girls,

I hope that you all had a lovely long weekend. What glorious weather we have been having. I’m sure that lots of you have been enjoying yourselves with outdoor activities – games, picnics, barbecues, paddling pools etc. If you would like to send me on a picture of something nice you did at the weekend, I’d love to see them. You can send them to me on Seesaw or by e-mail and I will share them for your friends in the class to see.

I understand that it is getting harder to be doing school work at this stage of the year and particularly in this beautiful weather so we will keep it very basic this week. Do what you can and then from next week on, there will be no more formal school work as such (Yeeeeah!) Just some nice activities/ideas to wind us down to the holidays.

Here are a few bits you can work on this week to finish up.

Don’t forget to check Seesaw each day for some online learning and activities.

Best of luck,

Mrs Clohessy. 😊


Lesson 25 – Lá ar an trá.

  • Abair Liom Lch 124 & 125 – Foclóir Nua
  • Rólimirt Lch 126
  • Líon na bearnaí lch 127.
  • Keep an eye on Seesaw for activities to go with this week’s topic.


We are going to finish up our maths for the year this week with Chapter 40 – Two-step Problem Solving. You will be using both addition and subtraction to solve some problems.

The pages for this week are 157-162. See what you can get done.

Continue to access the interactive links for these pages on the cjfallon website as they are brilliant to explain what you have to do on each page.

Please check in with Seesaw daily also.

Master Your Maths: This book should be finished now if you were following on each week. So well done! If there is anything that you need to finish in it, weeks/tests you can be working away on it.

Number Facts Book – Continue this book daily, if possible also to practice your times tables.


The Green Genie – Page 92 – Unit 23 – Tigers

This week I want you to have a read of the last unit in our books – Unit 23 – Tigers. This is an informative piece about Tigers and is very interesting. What a fascinating animal they are.

I would like you to get the following activities completed this week from Unit 23.

  • Read the story through a couple of times.
  • Complete activities based on the reading on page 93.
  • Phonics on page 94 – Revision.
  • Word Study on page 95 – Revision of nouns, adjectives and verbs.


Just to finish up this week, I would like you to write a short piece called

“My memory of 2nd Class.”

It can be about just one thing if you wish – a special day in school (County/All-Ireland final celebrations, Grandparent’s Day, First Confession Day, Class Do-jo points reward Day etc.) an activity/lesson we did – art, PE, baking, Gymnastics etc. A personal achievement during the year.

I know that we finished up this year too soon, before many more nice memories could be made, but let us remember all of the good things that we did do.

Please draw a picture to go with your memory and I will put these together in a short video so that others can view them. If you don’t wish for your memory to be shared with your class you can let me know and I won’t include it.

We will finish with spellings and handwriting for now, but please feel free to finish off the last few pages in these at your own convenience if you wish.


There are just a few topics left at the end of your book – we will finish with the theme of Space, pages 86-91.

You can read and fill in the activities in your Small World book, if you wish.

Check out the following fantastic website:

Learn everything you need to know about space and the Solar System from this website – facts, games, exercising in space, how to build a house on the moon, rockets, have a look at Earth from Space and so much more.