For the last few weeks we have been busy being scientists. A few weeks ago we got a delivey of 5 caterpillars. We watched them grow and change everyday. They got bigger and bigger. We counted the days to see how long they would stay as caterpillars. After 13 days they were ready to go into their cocoons. The cocoon is also called a chrysalis. After a few days we moved them into a butterfly net ready for the next stage.

After a long wait (14 days) we were very excited to come into school an a Wednesday morning to find 5 beautiful butterflies in the butterfly garden. The butterflies needed some food give them lots of energy. The butterflies like nectar so we put in some sugary water. We also put in a juicy orange. Once hatched we could only keep our butterflies for 2-3 days, so on Friday we got ready to say goodbye. Our butterflies were very slow to fly away so we had to be very patient. Before flying away, the butterflies tool a break on some or our hands and even our arms.