Layout of work for week of May 19th – 22nd 2020

Hello Boys and Girls,

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the extra day on Monday without any school work to do. I hope that you made the most of the day on Sunday and that you weren’t too sad over what was meant to be.

I have been busy back in school today. It was strange seeing the classroom without all you lovely boys and girls in it. I know it would be a lot easier for everyone to have us all there teaching and learning as normal. However, we are all safer doing as we are doing for now.

So, the good news boys and girls is that come Wednesday you will have the rest of your books back at home. Your parent(s) can collect the books on Wednesday from the school. I have them all packed up for you in a bag. I hope that you find everything you need and maybe something nice for yourselves too. 😊

For maths, instead of having to upload all the pages onto Seesaw, I will be telling you what page numbers I want you to do. As well as this, I am going to get you to self-correct your maths pages from Busy at Maths by uploading the answer pages at the end of each week. So, you do not need to send me back a picture of your Busy at Maths page every day. However, if there is something that you are finding difficult, you can let me know via Seesaw or e-mail and I can go through it with you. At the end of each week you can let me know by note/voice recording/e-mail how you got on with the maths work that week.

Another book that you can be working on from home is your Number Facts book. We had got as far as Unit 18 – Subtract 4, so you can continue on with this daily from here on. This is a great book to improve your mental maths and tables.

You will also now have your Irish books to practice your words and reading and try doing some activities. Again, I will guide you through this weekly, so keep an eye on Seesaw for this.

Your Small World books are also back with you and we can continue on with these too. I will give you the page numbers I would like you to get done in the week.

Of course I am still getting in pictures of the wonderful African masks and crafts. They are really fantastic. I will be posting up pictures of them at the end of the week, but first I have the hard decision of picking a winner. So, remember Thursday is the last day of entry for this.

Here is an outline of work for the remainder of this week. Please do as you can but do try to keep up with the books at home as best you can.

We really only have a short time left and we want to be as best prepared for 3rd class as we can.

Don’t forget to check Seesaw each day for some online learning and activities.

Best of luck,

Mrs Clohessy. 😊

Gaeilge: go to folensonline for access to Abair Liom D. Free access to all students and parents.

For access go to and click register, select Teacher, fill in a username, email and password. For Roll Number use the code Prim20.

Book work:

  • Lesson 24 – Ag Obair sa Ghairdín.
  • Abair Liom Lch 118 & 119 – Foclóir Nua
  • Rólimirt Lch 120
  • Keep an eye on Seesaw for activities to go with this weeks topic.


This week we are going to move on to Subtraction with Renaming. This is a topic that needs a bit of practice. For Tuesday I will put up some links to teach you about subtraction with re-naming. The first link is a webpage that takes you step by step through the process of subtraction with re-naming. The second link is a video on subtraction with re-naming.

When you have your books back on Wednesday, we can then work from the book. The pages for this week are 136,137 and 138. Continue to access the interactive links for these pages on the cjfallon website as they are brilliant to explain what you have to do on each page.

Please check in with Seesaw daily also.

Master Your Maths: Week 29. Continue to do your daily 12 questions and finish on Friday with the test.



The Green Genie – Page 76 – Unit 19 – The Polar Lands

This week we have an informative text about The Arctic and The Antartica or the North and South Poles as we better know them. We learn about some of the animals that live in these cold lands as well as human life there. Brrr!

I would like you to get the following activities completed this week from Unit 19.

  • Read the story through a couple of times.
  • Complete activities based on the reading on page 77.
  • Phonics on page 78 – the sound oo as in pool and stool. Complete activities A – C.
  • Word Study on page 79 – This week we are looking at opposites, e.g hot and cold, soft and hard.

Spell Well:

  • Week 31. This week we are looking at the “ed” sound as in red. Please do a box a night and complete the activities on page 65 also.

Handwriting – continue on with 1 new letter this week.


History: This week in History, before the month is over, we are going to look at pages 78 and 79 in our Small World book at the theme of Bealtaine. Bealtaine of course is the Irish word for May. May is the start of the Summer season and long ago in Ireland, people celebrated May Day on May 1st. They celebrated the end of the cold weather and they held outdoor parties with big bonfires.

It’s a good thing really that we no longer celebrate Bealtaine in Ireland as we would not have been able to have any parties this year!

When you get your books back, please have a read of pages 78 and 79 and complete the activities that accompany these pages. You can send me on pictures of completed work on Seesaw, if you wish.

Science: For science this week I am leaving up a link to an experiment to see how different liquids affect apple pieces. This is a really cool experiment and you should find that you have all the items you need for it at home.

If you try it out, why not send me on a picture of the results. Good luck Einsteins! 😉