Layout of work for week of May 11th – 15th 2020

Hello Boys and Girls,

This week should have been a very busy and exciting one for us in school and for your families at home as we would have been preparing for our First Holy Communion Day on Sunday. Unfortunately, all the big plans have been put on hold for a bit but, Please God, your big day will come around soon again.

You will all be so much more mature and better prepared by the time it does come around and it just gives you all a bity of extra time to prepare for it and to look forward to it. What a great day it will be then. 😊

For now, we will continue on with a bit of work and maybe a few nice activities this week. You have all been doing so well with the work on Seesaw and in your books over the last few weeks. I cannot believe how well you have taken to it and the effort that you are putting in. A big thanks again to all the parents who have been helping you along the way. They definitely deserve a big pat on the back also! Thanks to you all.

So, here is an outline of work for this week. Again, please do only as much as ye can and I’ll look forward to seeing all the brilliant work again this week. If you have any nice photographs, please do forward them on and I can put them up on our school website and Twitter.

Don’t forget to check Seesaw each day for some online learning and activities.

Best of luck,

Mrs Clohessy. 😊

Gaeilge: go to folensonline for access to Abair Liom D. Free access to all students and parents.

For access go to and click register, select Teacher, fill in a username, email and password. For Roll Number use the code Prim20.


This week we are going to be continuing with the topic of Money as well as some problem-solving activities.

Again, to access your busy at maths books online go to CJFallon online where you will have free access to your busy at maths books as well as interactive activities. If using the e-book and activities online, the page numbers for this week’s chapter are pages 134/135.

Please check in with Seesaw for activities, games, presentations, links etc. to go with the lessons.

Master Your Maths: Week 28 Continue to do your daily 12 questions and finish on Friday with the test.


The Green Genie – Page 72 – Unit 18 – The Green Genie

We are back to a fictional story this week – The Green Genie. A lot of you know the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp.

In this story, we meet Gretta, a greedy girl who finds a magic lamp. Unfortunately, Gretta discovers the hard way, that we must be careful what we wish for.

I would like you to get the following activities completed this week from Unit 18.

  • Read the story through a couple of times.
  • Complete activities based on the reading on page 73.
  • For Part C – I want you to write a little piece in your copy starting with “If I had three wishes….
  • Write three paragraphs, outlining in each one what you would wish for and why. Remember….be careful what you wish for!
  • Phonics on page 74 – the sound ea makes the sound e. Complete activities A and the crossword in B.
  • Word Study on page 75 – This week we are looking at singular and plural.
  • g cat – cats, dress – dresses
  • Here is a great video that explains the rules for making singular words plural. This will be uploaded to Seesaw also.

Spell Well:

  • Week 29. This week we are going to move back to page 60 and look at the double s sound as in dress. Please do a box a night and complete the activities on page 61 also.
  • Some of you have been great to send me on your test every week. Great to see that you are continuing to do well with your spellings.

Handwriting – continue on with 2 new letters this week.


  • For all SESE subjects, I will be uploading activities/links onto Seesaw.
  • Again, access to books through CJ Fallon online.

Primary – SESE – 2nd Class – Small World 2nd class – online book.

We are continuing with the theme of Africa this week.

We will do a study of Ethiopia. This is covered in your Small World book on pages 76 and 77. (pages will be uploaded onto Seesaw during the week).

To read some very interesting facts about Ethiopia and to see some lovely pictures of their country, people, food, buildings and traditions, check out this webpage which I will also upload to Seesaw during the week.

I would like you to complete a fact file based on the country of Ethiopia and what you have learnt. I will upload the template onto Seesaw and you have to choose the headings. E.g. Location – map, Food, Culture, Religion, Farming etc. you can do this by printing out the template or making up your own on a piece of paper.

I am also going to have an art/project competition over this week and next, where you design an African tribal mask/piece of jewellery. I will upload some examples of these so you can pick up a few ideas to get you started. You can be as imaginative as you want and use whatever materials you wish. All entrants can send on a picture to me on Seesaw which will be displayed and I will announce an overall winner on Friday 22nd May and they will receive their prize by post.

Have fun and the best of luck!

Check out this website for some ideas to get you started;


First Holy Communion hymns

Eat this Bread:

This is the Day: