Layout of work for week of May 5th – 8th 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope that you all had a lovely, long bank holiday weekend and you are ready for a bit more school work this week.

The weather this week I hear is meant to be very good, so make sure that you make the most of that also. There are lots of learning activities that can be done outside; including all of the PE games that we put up links for last week, nature walks, arts and crafts, geography and science.

So, try to get as much of the activities and school work done and spend the time outside enjoying the sunshine while you can.

Here is an outline of work for this week. Again, please do only as much as ye can and I’ll look forward to seeing all the brilliant work again this week. If you have any nice photographs, please do forward them on and I can put them up on our school website and Twitter.

Don’t forget to check Seesaw each day for some online learning and activities. Ye will be whizz kids at ICT by next year!

Gaeilge: go to folensonline for access to Abair Liom D. Free access to all students and parents.

For access go to and click register, select Teacher, fill in a username, email and password. For Roll Number use the code Prim20.

  • Lesson 20 – An Ghaoth agus an Ghrian
  • Póstaer – Access to fócloir nua, scéal
  • E-book – page 102 – Léigh an scéal.
  • Page 103 – A. Freagair na ceisteanna B. Scríobh an abairt mar is ceart.
  • Keep an eye on Seesaw for activities to go with this weeks topic.


This week we are going to be covering the topic of Money.

Again, money is is a great topic to cover at home. I know that we all need to be careful around handling money these days. However, I’m sure your parents will be able to show you all of the different coins and notes that make up the Euro Currency. I will be uploading some video and game links during the week also to help you with your understanding of it. Some examples here;

We will be doing some work from our Busy at Maths book also

Again, to access your busy at maths books online go to CJFallon online where you will have free access to your busy at maths books as well as interactive activities. If using the e-book and activities online, the page numbers for this week’s chapter are pages 130 to 135.

I will have an activity or two to complete each day on Seesaw.

Master Your Maths: Week 27 Continue to do your daily 12 questions and finish on Friday with the test.


The Green Genie – Page 68 – Unit 17 – Horses

Our story last week – Copper was about a horse that got into some difficulty. Copper was a fictional piece of reading. That means it was based on imagination and not real-life events.

Our reading this week – Horses – is an informative piece of reading. It tells us some facts about horses.

I would like you to get the following activities completed this week, if possible,  from Unit 17.

  • Read the piece through a couple of times.
  • Complete activities based on the reading on page 69.
  • Phonics on page 70 – the sound ee. Complete activities A-C.
  • Word Study on page 71 – This week we are looking at “joining words” or to give them their proper title “Conjunctions.”
  • Conjunctions are words that join a sentence together, e.g. and, but, or, as, because, etc.
  • Here is a great video that explains conjunctions or joining words very well. This will be uploaded to Seesaw also.

  • Complete activities on conjunctions on page 71. Have a look back at the piece of reading Horses on page 68 and underline as many conjunctions/joining words as you can.


Spell Well:

  • Week 30 pages 62/63. This is a revision week this week, as it’s a short week. We will go back to Week 29 next week to complete the full week.
  • Handwriting – continue on with 1 new letter this week.


  • For all SESE subjects, I will be uploading activities/links onto Seesaw.
  • Again, access to books through CJ Fallon online.

Primary – SESE – 2nd Class – Small World 2nd class – online book.

  • Geography

Continue with the learning about Ireland’s 4 provinces – Munster, Leinster, Connacht and Ulster and their counties using the following poem, found at this link;

For the next couple of weeks in our SESE, we will be exploring the theme of Africa. We will be learning about the country through History, Geography and Science. Please check out these really good videos on Africa.

Science: Living Things – Plants and animals – Africa – Wilderbeasts. Page 73 in Small World book. I will upload a picture of this page on Seesaw.

History: Story – Anansi and the Pot of Wisdom – A Story from Africa. Pages 74 and 75 on Small World.

There is a lesson to be learnt from this story. Can you tell what it is?

Here is a Youtube link to this story also.


Tinwhistle – Coming ‘round the Mountain. (Notes on Seesaw)