Physical Education is the planned, progressive learning that takes place in school curriculum timetabled time and which is delivered to all pupils. This involves both ‘learning to move’ (i.e. becoming more physically competent) and ‘moving to learn’ (e.g. learning through movement, a range of skills and understandings beyond physical activity, such as co-operating with others). The context for the learning is physical activity, with children experiencing a broad range of activities, including sport and dance.
(extracted from afPE’s Health Position Paper 2015 )

Physical education, as an integral part of the total curriculum, provides vital opportunities for the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the child. (Primary P.E. Curriculum pg. 2)

The Physical Education Plan for Scoil Naomh Cualán was formulated by the Principal and staff .It is guided by the Primary School Curriculum 1999, practice in our school and elements of our previous school plans. This version was finalised during the second and third terms of 2015-2016.

Physical Education provides children with learning opportunities through the medium of movement. Through PE we aim to help children develop physically as well as socially, emotionally and intellectually. This plan describes the way in which we use PE to achieve that goal, our agreed approach to teaching PE and the content of the programme of the curriculum at each year level.


We envisage that through PE, children will be given the opportunity to develop their physical skills and competencies to their full potential, appropriate to their age and ability in a safe and supportive environment. The planning and management of the PE curriculum in our school will always have the children as the focus of attention through the provision of a broad, balanced and differentiated programme of physical activities.

We endorse the aims of the Primary School Curriculum for PE

• to promote the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the child
• to develop positive personal qualities
• to help in the acquisition of an appropriate range of movement skills in a variety of contexts
• to promote understanding and knowledge of the various aspects of movement
• to develop an appreciation of movement and the use of the body as an instrument of expression and creativity.

All classes in Scoil Naomh Cualan are timetabled for 60 minutes of physical education every week. A broad and balanced PE curriculum is delivered, at all class levels, by the classroom teacher.

Strands and Strand Units

The curriculum is divided into six strands:
• Athletics
• Dance
• Gymnastics
• Games
• Outdoor and adventure activities
• Aquatics.


The local swimming pool in Nenagh is used for the Aquatics Strand in Scoil Naomh Cualan. Children participate in swimming every second year. From time to time we will endeavour to access water sports such as canoeing through our school tours.

Here at Scoil Naomh Cualan , we are GAA mad and participate in many competitions throughout the year at a variety of levels. We are lucky to avail of the local Borrisoleigh GAA grounds which is situated close to our school. The football, hurling and camogie training season is already in full swing and the Cumann na mBunscoil competition will be up and running in no time.

All classes in Scoil Naomh Cualán participate in gymnastics in Term 1. Gymnastics in education is concerned with the use of movement in a creative way in response to set tasks, both individually and with others (PE curriculum pg 4.) Junior Infants to 6th class children in Scoil Naomh Cualán participate in a 6 week programme taught by Rody Kennedy.

Throughout the school year, athletics is covered in many ways. Classes third to sixth prepare for the Cross Country Championships in early September. Our children are lucky to have a wonderful athletics club in Borrisoleigh, Track Attack, to which our school has strong links with many children participating on a weekly basis. Our local Athletics club Track Attack run an annual fundraiser for our school and encourage our parents and pupils to participate. We have access to the local running track on a regular basis. We also endeavor to tie our athletics strand into a 4 week running initiative that most classes will participate in.

Outdoor and Adventure
We have many local amenities accessible to us here in Borrisoleigh. Throughout the year children have the opportunity to use the local playground, walk the Golden Mile, participate in many outdoor scavenger hunts or trails linked to our curriculum. Keep an eye on our website for pictures of our adventures.

Christmas is a very enjoyable time here in Scoil Naomh Cualan. Many classes are busy learning new dances and preparing for our on stage performances. This year Scoil Naomh Cualan will also be covering dance in term 2. Children from 3rd to 6th classes will learn three Ceili dances in preparation for Seachtain na Gaeilge. During Active Schools week, watch our website from some special outdoor group dances!

Organisational Planning

The local swimming pool in Nenagh is used for the Aquatics Strand. With the consent of the BOM, a small fee is charged for swimming lessons. Lessons are subsidised by the Parent’s Council. However no child will be denied access due to lack of financial resources.
From time to time we will endeavour to access water sports such as canoeing through our school tours.

Lunchtime Games
All children are encouraged to play and enjoy their break times. Our SNAs are responsible for the play opportunities of our special needs children and ensure that these children are fully integrated into school playtimes wherever possible. Each class has a designated area. We are lucky to have lots of areas in which children rotate over the week. Junior classes often use the games which are painted on the ground e.g. hopscotch, snakes and ladders. They also have access to skipping ropes, bean bags. This year our playground leaders will be in charge of implementing games from a new programme called Playworks.

Walking Bus
A Walking Bus initiative was be introduced in 2017 and takes place in the third term each year. Children are encouraged to walk to school or to walk for at least part of the journey where feasible.

Cycle to School week
In June each year we partake in the Cycle to School Week initiative.

PE Equipment

• School yard
• School hall
• Grass areas
• Basketball court
• Access to pool
• Access to Athletic track
• Access to Town Park
• Indoor Track Nenagh

P.E. Equipment
Sponge balls
Hoola hoops
Tennis Rackets
Tennis Balls
Goal posts
Mini hoops
Hockey sticks