Sixth Class held the annual Sale of  Work on March 16th. The event was enjoyed by pupils from junior infants right up to  sixth class. Sixth class organised an array of different sales items from sunglasses to bucket hats to balls to light up gadgets to name but a few. Huge organisation went into getting sponsorship, sourcing items for resale, the Bake Sale,  making hampers etc. The raffle was hugely successful with amazing prizes such a a trailer of timber, squishmallows, wipeout, hot wheels, Pokémon, Tipp jerseys, hair vouchers, shoe vouchers, Burke Sports tops etc. A massive thank you to all the people who sponsored raffle prizes etc.  A huge thanks also to Clare who did so much work behind the scenes. Congratulations to Ms. O’Brien and all of Rang 6 on such a fantastic and well run event.