We were exploring the senses together during science week. We started by talking about our favourite programmes, and other things we like to watch or see. Then we tried to get around an obstacle course with our eyes covered. Ms Ryan found it a bit scary so she needed help. Pin the tail on the donkey was the last thing we did when learning about our sight. It was very tricky but we had lots of fun.
We tried watching a programme without sound on Tuesday and decided its much nicer when we can hear it aswell. Then we had close our eyes and listen to things in our classroom. Ms Ryan wasn’t able to trick us. We guessed right every time.
We also learned about our sense of smell. Each group had a chance to smell different things in cups. We had to see if we could find the matching smells. Curry and coffee were really easy. None of us like the smell of vinegar.
Another day we tried a taste test. First we looked at sugar and salt and had to figure out which cup was which. The only way was to have a little taste from each cup.
Then we tried some lemon, natural yogurt, crisps and chocolate.