We are very pleased to introduce our new Student Council in Scoil Naomh Cualán. The Student Council in our school plays a vital role in helping the children to develop leadership skills, team-work, and responsibility. It provides our pupils with an opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas, advocate for positive change, and contribute to improving of our school community. As part of the Student Council, our representatives develop essential life skills such as public speaking, problem-solving, and teamwork, which are crucial for their future success. It also allows students to develop a sense of ownership and pride in our school, and our local community, as they actively engage in decision-making processes and initiatives that shape the school environment. Most importantly, the Student Council empowers our students to become active global citizens, leaders, and changemakers both within our school and the wider world.

We have two representatives from each class between 1st and 6th, all with a wide range of interests and talents. Last week, they were busy making Suggestion Boxes for each classroom to give their classmates a chance to have their say on how we can improve our school environment. We are already looking forward to the positive initiatives, ideas, changes and progress they will bring into to our school community and beyond.