Dear Parent/ Guardian,

I hope that you and all the family are keeping well at present. I am updating a list of work which the children can complete before the Easter holidays. I am aware of the pressures that we as  parents are facing at present and in no way want to add to this stress. Therefore, the work that I am including is only  a suggested scheme of work. Do as much as you feel your child is able for and leave it at that. I was delighted to hear from parents that the children are enjoying walks up the hillside, playing board games, enjoying books,  helping out with jobs at home etc.

Thanks to all the parents who forwarded an email address to me so far. You can contact me should you have any questions.

Suggested scheme of work

English- Spell Well Week 28

Continue with handwriting book

Two Little Frogs Book- children can read one story per day from Unit 9 to Unit 13 and answer questions in the book or else select some questions and do the rest orally.

The children can now join the library online and use books straight away! Just go to complete the registration, set a PIN and you’ll be able to log in to Borrowbox with these details to download eBooks and audiobooks.until the end of the school term.

Enjoy a two week free trial on with access to hundreds of books, educational games, colourful animations and songs.

Maths- Continue revising  your tables (addition) until Easter. After Easter , we will start subtraction tables.

Tables Champion pages 29 and 30

Work It Out Week 29 and Test 29

Go to for Maths/ tables games

Gaeilge- Folens Book Publishers are  giving access to all digital resources for the Abair Liom Irish programme. For access go to and click register, select Teacher, fill in a username, email and password. For Roll Number use the code Prim20.  Children can revise the vocabulary/ games/ songs/  stories etc. in the chapters already covered in Abair Liom C. (Chapters 1-19 and 23-25)

S.E.S.E. – Geography- Continue with project work already given (Country of choice)

Science– Click on the link and look at senior infants’ new baby chicks IMG_7194    +
Small World Book page 66

History- Family Photograph- Small World page 80-82

Music- Continue revising all your music notes and tunes on the tin whistle. Remember ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. Maybe even have a little concert at home for all the family!!

Art- Keep sketching! Draw pictures from observation. Make a picture/ collage using old pieces of material, bottle caps, buttons, cut outs from magazines, wool etc.(Whatever you can find) Use your imagination.

S.P.H.E.- Play board games, go on walks, help out with some jobs at home, make sure and have a good routine (eat a healthy breakfast, brush your teeth, tidy your room) etc.

P.E.- Play games outside in the fresh air, practice your hurling skills, go on for some cool dance moves/ relaxation exercises, log on to You Tube every morning at 9 o’ clock for a workout with The Body Coach (PE with Joe)

Most importantly enjoy this time at home and stay safe!

Tell the children, their pots of plants are doing really well at present and I’m not forgetting to keep the soil moist!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter. Stay safe and Please God we will see you soon.

Thanking you,

Frances Kenneally.