Next Monday the 20th May 5th class will be going to the RDS in Dublin to the JEP.

The children are required to be at school at 7.45.  We will leave the RDS at 3pm and we will then go to Newbridge shopping centre.  The children will be given €10 each to purchase food in the shopping centre.  Also the children will be allowed to shop for a half an hour in the centre.  The children can bring money but each child is responsible for their own money.

No devices such as phones are allowed to be brought on the day.  The children must wear their uniform and must bring a packed lunch which is easy to carry.

We hope to return back to the school at 7.15.  If there is a significant time change you will be notified by text.  There will be no charge for the bus on the day as the cost of the bus is being covered by the proceeds of the profits that the children made on the JEP.

If your child is sick on the day and is unable to attend please contact the school mobile on 086 0233023.  If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Looking forward to an enjoyable day.