Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope that you and all your family are keeping well and enjoyed the Easter break. I have enclosed a list of some ‘suggested work’ which can be done throughout the week. Some of the work is different as it is a mixture of what the children have already been doing, along with some activities on our online platform ‘Seesaw’. If you need an access code for this, you can e-mail me at

The layout this week is done out daily to help you with structure and to make it easier to follow. The work can be done in any order and can be done to suit you. As always, there is no pressure on this work and if you have any further questions, I will gladly be of assistance.

Kind Regards,

Ms. O’Brien



Spellings: SpellWell Week 20 (Revision Week). Revise Week 15 spellings and complete Activity A pg 42


Handwriting: Mrs. Murphy’s green copy: Sentences pg 5


Reader: Stop that Dog pg 1

I have enclosed a video of this for the children to make it easier to access. If the video does not open, this book can be got at FolensOnline. If you have not registered you go to Select ‘Teacher’. Fill in a username, e-mail and password. The Roll number will be Prim20.


Phonics: ay sound

Children are looking at the ay sound today. The ai and ay sound the exact same. The way I explain it is that shy ‘i’ has to go away and toughy ‘y’ replaces the letter i. I have attached a short video for this.


Short activity on the ay sound is on Seesaw which can be uploaded.



Spellings: SpellWell Week 20 (Revision Week). Revise Week 16 spellings and complete Activity B pg 43


Handwriting: Ready To Write B1 pg 48
Reader: Stop that Dog pg 2


Phonics: ay

Children revise the ay sound and the short video which has been provided. Children can complete three dictation words in their yellow copies. 1. day 2. say 3. hay.

Children can choose one of these words and put them into a sentence.




Spellings: SpellWell Week 20 (Revision Week). Revise Week 17 spellings and complete Activity C pg 43


Handwriting: Mrs. Murphy’s green copy: Sentences pg 6


Reader: Stop that Dog pg 3


Phonics: ay

Children can complete a short sorting activity based on ai/ay words on Seesaw.





Mental Maths: Listening Game: Place objects into a container and children count what the number is

Revision of addition within 10: Double Click on picture to open!

ni-n-18-addition-recall-within-ten-powerpoint (1)

Following Directions:

Give a child an on object for example a cube, pencil, marker rubber and give the following instructions.

Place the X over your head.

Place the X under your arm.

Place the X beside your foot

Place the X on your head.

Place the X down on the ground/floor

Place the X in your pocket

An activity for this is on Seesaw! Here is also the activity as a document. 

Preposition Listening Activity Preposition Listening Activity – ScriptPreposition Listening Activity



Revision of addition of 10 and following directions.

Children are learning about left and right today.

Today’s activity is you trace both your left and right hand on a piece of paper and cut them out!- This can be uploaded to Seesaw if you wish

Such activity to be completed can be: Place your right/left hand on your face, nose, cheek, knee, leg.

Place your right/left hand on the table, remote, chair, spoon, bowl cup.


Revision of left and right.

The Hokey Pokey Song:

You put your right hand in,

You put your right hand out,

Your put your right in,

And you shake it all about,

You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn around,

That’s what it’s all about.

Continue replacing ‘right hand; with your left hand/right foot/left foot

Activity on Seesaw- Busy at Maths page 77 

I also have uploaded the pages here. See link below.

Busy at Maths Left and Right


Final day for Left and Right!

Activity on Seesaw! Children will follow directions: Children will use the map of the Zoo as their guide to answers the questions!* Taken from their Busy at Maths book*



Science: Day and Night

Such questions which can be asked:

What things happen during the day?

What things happen at night?

What are some of the differences between day and night?

Day and Night sorting activity on Seesaw



The theme for this month is Space.

Children can build/construct a rocket/space station

Children can design a rocket out of junk art materials, fabric, paper, cereal boxes


P.E: Go noodle, Being outdoors playing!

Mindfulness and Yoga: Cosmic Kids (YouTube)

Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ is also doing P.E exercises on his YouTube Channel at 9am each morning.