Sincere thanks to all of you who worked so hard and made such a difference at our Voluntary Evening. We are very aware of the demands on your time and really appreciate the help that is so willingly given. The school looks so much better already and safety has been significantly improved. We are very grateful for this help which reduces costs and gives us additional scope to subsidise events and experiences for the children. Thank you all so much.


In addition to improving existing resources we hope to open up the ringfort area to allow the children to access it as an adventure area, wild garden, storytime venue etc. We have spoken with the archaeologist who assessed our site and he has indicated that simple access by staff and children will not interfere with the heritage aspect of the fort. Building on the great work which has been done, we would hope to organise an evening or two in early September to clear some of the vegetation and lay a simple access route so that the children can benefit from this very special historical feature on our school grounds. If you feel you could help out with this we would be delighted to hear from you and all are welcome.


The Playground Committee hopes to organise a mural using handprints from every child next Monday. This will be a fun project for everybody and we also hope to involve pupils in a smaller project at the school. Children should bring an old tee-shirt/ apron/bin bag/ old clothes to protect their clothes while engaging with the project. Should any child not wish to participate, please inform his/her teacher or Clare.


Thanking you,


Yours sincerely,



Kay Ryan and Staff.