Dear Parents,

I hope that you and your families are all doing as well as can be expected during this difficult time for all of us.

I have suggested some work below which can be completed at home before the Easter holidays. I will update again after Easter.

I am fully aware of the stress that many parents are under at this time and it is not my wish to add to this stress. Therefore, the work that I am including is only a suggested scheme of work. Please only do as much as your child is able.

If you would like to send pictures of any of the children’s work for feedback or if you have any questions you can contact me on the following e-mail:  and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I would appreciate if parents, who haven’t already done so could send me a quick email so that I have a contact for each child if needed.

There are plenty of websites which have great resources to assist you and the children at home and many of these have given free access to parents while schools are closed. Details of these are available on the school website.

Maths: For the moment the children can continue their daily work in their Master Your Maths book. Week 25 can be completed this week.


Analogue time had been started in class before the closure. Children were practicing the

½ past
¼ to and ¼ past

Time is always a difficult concept for children to grasp. It needs plenty of practice which can be done throughout the day on an informal basis, i.e. asking the children at different times of the day to read the clock and tell you the time.

Digital time had not yet been covered. Again, this is something that can be taught and practised at home

English: The children can continue to work on their Green Genie book. The Unit for this week would have been Unit 14 page 56. Activities, phonics page and word study page can also be completed.

Online Library: The children can now join the library online and use books straight away! Just go to complete the registration, set a PIN and you’ll be able to log in to Borrowbox with these details to download eBooks and audio books until the end of the school term.

Enjoy a twoweek free trial on with access to hundreds of books, educational games, colourful animations and songs.

Handwriting; Continue with the next 2 letters this week.

Gaeilge: TG4 and Cúl4 have lots of children’s programmes that the children may find enjoyable and will help with their Irish

Gaeilge– Folens Book Publishers are giving access to all digital resources for the Abair Liom Irish programme. For access go to and click register, select Teacher, fill in a username, email and password. For Roll Number use the code Prim20. 

Children can revise the vocabulary/ games/ songs/ stories etc. in the chapters already covered in Abair Liom D. (1-18)

SESE: You can access the books that we use for History, Geography and Science online at which are giving free access to parents and students while schools are closed. When you go to the homepage there will be a link to the resources. Search for primary – 2nd class – SESE – Small World. This brings up the history and geography and science books that we are using.

History: Fionn and The Giants Causeway. Read the story on page 52-54.

Science: The Dandelion on page 55. Draw and label a dandelion on a piece of paper.

Geography: Food in Season – page 56. If possible, write out the activity on page 56, filling in the missing words.

Music – Practise your tunes on the tin whistle. I will upload more tunes during the week.

Art – There are great drawing lessons on Art Hub for Kids on YouTube which include some great Easter ideas. There are lots of ideas for art that can be completed at home if you were to do a quick search online, for example

Also on the DLTK website – spring crafts.

Religion; Please continue to practice prayers for communion and mass responses.

PE – There are lots of ways to incorporate PE at home, which Im sure the children have already been doing.

There are also plenty of videos online to keep children active even on wet days such as Joe Wicks 5 Minute Move. He is also doing PE classes on his Youtube channel @thebodycoachevery morning at 9am.

Another great one is Cosmic kids yoga.

If you have any questions then please email me on I’d love to hear how everyone is getting on.

Please give my regards to the children. I am missing them very much and am sure that they are all doing their very best to help out at home.

Most importantly, stay safe everyone.

Kindest Regards,

Ann-Marie Clohessy.