Hello boys and girls,

Max and Ms. Ryan say hello to all our super Junior Infants. Max wished he could go see all of you in school every day but I’ve been explaining that he can’t at the moment. We are both missing you all, and looking forward to seeing you all really soon. 

We’ve keeping busy at home. Max loves going for walks and playing games outside. Sometimes he helps me to do some jobs around the house. He’s gotten really good at making his bed.

Monday 23rd March

We decided to practice our red letters today. I was just going to say all the sounds but Max tried to trick me and hid one. Can you guess which letter he hid?

It was so much fun that we are taking turns to try trick each other. I close my eyes and Max hides a red letter then I have to guess. Then Max closes his eyes while I hide a letter.

Tuesday 24th March

We started today by checking our orange and red letters. We had a race to see who could say them right the quickest. I think I won today but, Max wants to try again tomorrow. Then we made some words with our letters. I called out some words, because Max loves making the words. He’s really good at stretching out the words and then finding the letters. Some words we made today were: red, car, kid, him, hen, men, den. 

Now were going on a letter hunt around the house. We are going to see if we can find something for each sound. Once we find them we can draw them on our sheet. I wonder if we will find them all? Max wonders if the boys and girls at home would find the same things as him…

Wednesday 25th March 2020

It took us ages yesterday to find things for all the sounds. We found the r sound especially hard to find. Today we did a different type of letter hunt. Max had to find the letters and cut them out from boxes and newpapers. This was lots of fun.

We also went on a spring walk. Its a beautiful sunny morning. Look at what we found…


Buds on the trees.


Thursday 26th March

Good Morning boys and girls. Today Max and I decided to start with some writing. We looked at all our curly caterpillar letters: c, o, a, d, g, q. These all start the same as our c-we go around first. Because we hadn’t practiced in a while, first we traced over the cards and then up in the air. Once Max remembered how to write the letters we played a game called Roll and Write. We got a page and a dice. Then once the page was ready we rolled the dice and wrote whatever letter it landed on. Like if the dice said 1 we wrote c, if we rolled 2 we wrote o. We were really excited to see which letter would get to 5 first. 

Now we’re going to practice some of our throwing. We’re going to see who can throw it up and catch it the most without dropping it. We only have one ball so I’m going to be using some rolled up socks! If that’s too easy, we might try to throw it up, clap our hands and then catch, but we might need to leave that till tomorrow…I’ll have to wait and see.

Friday 27th March

Max and I had so much fun throwing and catching yesterday. I was a little better than Max in the beginning but he kept practicing and got so good at the end. I thik we might even do some more today! But first we are going to read some words. I wonder will Max be able to read them all? He’s going to read the words and draw a picture. I’m going to see if he can do it by himself, but I’ll help if he’s finding it too hard. 

We love playing with cards when we’re at home. Today we were practicing our counting to five but the cards got all mixed up. It’s ok though, Max helped me fix them really quickly.

Max is really excited because I promised him that we could do Cosmic Kids yoga today, just like in school on a Friday. It’ll have to wait until a bit later though because first we’re going to go for a walk. Have a great weekend everyone!