Monday 30th March,

Hello juniors,

We hope you had a nice weekend. It was lovely and bright out so we spent lots of time outside playing in the garden. Max did make time to help me bake some buns. They were just yummy. But Max was thinking a lot about all of you and his friend Snowy. He really wanted to tell you all his news and adventures since he’s been at home with me. So we decided that we would make a book with some of the things that Max has been doing. Kinda like our news copy in school. We did a few pages today of some with some of the things Max remembers from last week.
We wonder if the boys and girls at home could draw some of their news, or some of the nice things they’ve been doing so that they can show us?

We didn’t have a copy at home so we folded over some white pages for Max’s copy. He needed my help to write his name so we need to practice that during the week!

Max added some letters to his drawings too. 

After all our drawing we practiced counting to 10. Then I counted up, but skipped a number. I wasn’t able to fool Max though! He knew straight away. Will you figure it out? 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10.

Then we played a memory match game with the number cards. Max got the first match, but I wonder who will have the most at the end?

Tuesday 31st March

Today we started by playing a game with all the letters. I had half and Max had half the sounds. We turned them upside down and took turns to put a sound card into the middle. The aim was to see who could say all their sounds and get rid of all their cards. Max found one or two of the ‘best friends’ sounds tricky Even teacher found the pink ones kinda hard today so we’ll definitely have to keep practicing. I wonder if all of you would be able to play this game?

Then we took out just the green cards and practiced saying them. We were trying to see who could say the most things for any of the sounds. Max was really good at coming up with words.

Then we practiced our numbers and our throwing. We were trying to see which number we could throw our socks onto. I only got a 1, but Max was able to get a 3. We added in some actions and exercises for the numbers too. It was lots of fun.

Now we’re off to do a letter hunt for our green letters. I think we’ll do it in the garden this time.

But first a sneak peak at what we’re doing tomorrow-I wonder if the boys and girls can guess what it is from the picture. We did this in school before…

Wednesday 1st April

Hello Boys and girls, I think there might have been a problem uploading Max’s work yesterday. Don’t know if you got a chance to see it. Hopefully it’s all fixed for today!

We are a little late doing our sounds today because we started by making some playdough. It was so much fun. I took some pictures to show you.

1. Put 250g of plain flour in a bowl.
2. Add 65 g of salt.
3. Add 3 teaspoons of baking powder.
4. Mix the dry ingredients.
1. Pour 230 mls of warm water into jug.
2. Add 2 tablespoons of oil.
3. Add lots of food colouring/paint
4. Stir these together.
Pour some of the wet mixture into the dry ingredients and stir.
Add a little more until it forms a ball.
Knead the dough to form a ball.
Mine was a little sticky so I had to add in some more flour.

Have Fun!

After using our playdough we put it into a lunchbox to use later. Then we practiced some of our letters.

Today I changed it a bit. I put some letters out, then called a word and Max had to figure out what letter was missing.

I wonder if the boys and girls would be able to do this at home with a helper to call out some words?

Now we’re going to play Odd and Bob on the computer. Max loves finding the real and fake words!


Thursday 2nd April

Good morning everybody! Looking out this morning, our weather person would find it really easy to tell us the weather today. ‘It is Thursday. It is a bright sunny day. It is the month of April.’ We’ve gotten to a new month too. It is the start of April now. I wonder if anyone played any tricks yesterday. I tried to trick Max but I just wasn’t able!

Today we practiced some of out sounds first. We had to turn the sounds upside down and try and lift them up with the spatula. It was easier when we were sitting on the ground. When we picked them up we flipped them onto the plates like pancakes, then say the sounds. We took turns the first time. But then we both wanted more turns so Max did all the sounds by himself and then I did all the sounds.

Then we practiced some of our ladder letters. These all start with a line straight down. When we had practiced them, I wanted to do some rainbow writing. 

‘Baby Shark’ fingers ready!

I swapped to a pencil after a while cos I found it hard to write with the colours.

I’m going to leave some of the writing to finish tomorrow. 

We started a throwing game-we want to see who can get the socks into the basin 5 times. My first throw was close but not inside. I’m getting better though! I think we might take the game outside. 

Friday 3rd April

Today we jumped straight into work! I finished off our writing rainbow from yesterday. Then we practiced our sounds. I held all the sounds and put them down pretty quickly to see if we could say them super fast! We also tried to remember all the actions!

Then I wrote out some words onto a page and made a carpark. I wanted to get Max to drive in some of our toy cars to the carpark I called out, but the cars seem to be gone missing. I wish I had all the boys and girls to help me with the mystery…but I’m sure I’ll be able to solve it soon!

So instead, we got some blocks/lego. I called out some directions for Max, like put a 3 orange blocks on the word dad, put a 2 tower block on the word rip, put a small yellow block on the word log.

We were having such fun reading, that we decided to read a book. The book we picked was called When Mum Got Back. 

Now Ms Ryan is trying to follow the steps for drawing a chick. I’m not great at drawing as all the boys and girls know. But I’ll try my best!

Not too bad I suppose.

I just had a great idea! As Easter is coming up really soon, I’m going to draw some more chicks and maybe some bunnies or Easter eggs and then I’ll hide them to make my own Easter hunt for Max.

How to draw a chick


There’s lots and lots of easter drawing ideas on youtube under art for kids hub

And a blast from the past-Don Conroy has started a youtube channel, so I’ll def have to try drawing one of his owls at some stage.



Today would have marked the start of our Easter Holidays. So Ms. Ryan and Max will be taking a break from doing work up here for a little while. But we’ll still be keeping busy. Here are some of the things we have planned:

best_easter_egg_doodle_page: We’re going to see who designs the better Easter egg.

spring_cut_and_complete_the_picture We’re going to practice cutting with this spring picture. And maybe some of these as well…

Fun Cutting Activity For Kids - YouTube

And we were so busy this week that we never did our patterned eggs so we’ll definitely have to do them next week.

Tin Foil Easter Egg Art

And well there’s always time for stories so I’m sure that we’ll be reading lots and lots of books.

So we’ll be super duper busy, but I’m sure Max will still have time to help me with some jobs and some baking too!

Easy Easter nests recipe | BBC Good Food I have the wheetabix and cornflakes ready to make some Easter buns.


Take care everybody and talk soon!