All children in the school will be going to see the pantomime Snow White in the University Concert Hall, Limerick on the 18th December.  Details and cost will follow later.  If you know your child will be unable to attend please contact Clare on 086 0233023 immediately.

The school milk scheme starts on Monday 10th September and will continue until the 20th of December (excludes 26th October and 18th December) at a cost of €12.70 per child.

The Irish Independent offer families the opportunity to receive a copy of the paper each Wednesday for 33 issues at a cost of €13.20.

If you wish your child to participate in either programme please return the form(s) below together with the money in an envelope with your child’s name and class on the outside on or before Thursday 6th September.  If payment is by cheque, please make it payable to Scoil Naomh Cualán.

If your child forgets to bring home or loses their note, all notes are on our school website www.  Please check the website regularly to ensure that you are kept informed of all school events.   We would like to remind any parents who may have accidentally overlooked payment of the schoolbook money that we would be very grateful to receive same as soon as possible, please.

Please note that participation in both schemes is entirely voluntary.


I wish my child, ____________________, to avail of Thurles Fresh Milk.

I enclose payment of:  €12.70                        Signed ______________________


I wish my child, _______________________, to receive the Irish Independent.

I enclose payment of: €13.20.                      Signed_________________________