Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope that you and all the family are keeping well through these unprecedent times. I am updating the list of work which children can complete before the Easter holidays. I am aware of the pressure and stress during this period and this is just suggested work.

Thank you to all the parents for forwarding your e-mail addresses. It is much appreciated. If you would like to contact me should you have any questions it is


Work which can be completed:

English: SpellWell Week 19 (page 40&41). Children can complete the Friday test at the back of the book (pg 77/78) if they so wish.

Ready to Write Handwriting: pg 46 and pg 47

Mrs. Murphys Handwriting Copy: Sentences pg 4

Phonics: oo sound – Folens are giving access to all digital resources for ‘Sounds Make Words’. For access go to the Folens website. Click register, select Teacher, fill in a username and email and password. For Roll number use the code Prim20. Children will have access to this sound along with rhymes. Children can brainstorm the different words which have the oo sound: for example; book, look, cook, hook. Children can put these into sentences (orally) and can complete a dictation exercise in their yellow copies. Words to be used are: 1. book 2. foot. 3. look, 4. hook, 5. wood

Other Literacy Sites:

Phonics: Read the word and select the correct picture:

Children listen to the word and try unscramble the letters:

Reader: Children can continue with their reader ‘What a Mess’.

Parent can also sign up to a free 30 day trial on www. This gives children access to hundreds of books, educational games and various songs.

Audiobooks online are also offering a free trial in which you can sign up to if you wish.

Irish: Easter Colouring sheet: Colours are in Irish and children are to use the correct colour.



Children have been working on the number 10 and can revise this. Such activities which can be completed are different card games such as Higher/Lower, SNAP! (Children snap on the number 10, they do not have to get two cards of number 10 together. Children are used to this game)

Roll a Dice: Children roll a dice and write down this number. Children then figure out how many more jumps will it take to get to number 10.

Maths Website: Very interactive and for children to enjoy. They can focus on number 10 but can revise other areas if you would like to.

The website Twinkl have a lot of printable games across all area subjects and have excellent resources for Maths. They have given a one month free membership with the code: IRLTWINKLHELPS:



Science: Mr. Kennedy was teaching Senior Infants before school finished and had an incubator in the classroom. Take a look at the video here in which the baby chicks hatched!!

My 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt: This can be printed or if you want to make your own it is no problem. Children can explore outdoors while finding the different items:au-t-3745-five-senses-scavenger-hunt-activity-sheet-_ver_1

Fine Motor: Children can cut out parts of a chick and a rabbit and have to piece it correctly together:

2D Shape Cutting Chick

2D Shape Rabbit


P.E: Go noodle (This can be signed up to for free). Just Dance on YouTube. Children love ‘Waka Waka!’

Mindfulness and Yoga: Cosmic Kids (YouTube)

Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ is also doing P.E exercises on his YouTube Channel at 9am each morning.




At the back of the children’s yellow copies, they can draw pictures of different things they are doing at home! If you would like to share these via e-mail, I would love to see how they are getting on!

Directed Drawing on how to draw an Easter Chick!


Wishing you all a Happy Easter and hopefully we will see you all soon. Again, if you have any questions feel free to contact me by my e-mail address which is

Thanking you,

Ms. O’Brien