Dear Parents and Families

I hope that you are all well and had a lovely Easter.

Please find below a list of suggested activities for the coming week. I have laid it out both as a weekly table so you can pick and choose when to do activities and have also made a daily planner which may be beneficial for some of you. I’ll try to use this to continue with my Max blog.

Some of the activities are linked to the new platform Seesaw. Thank you to all those w

ho have contacted me regard setting up a profile for your child. If you wish your child to participate on Seesaw, which is a private platform, you will need to email me at and then I can send you the access code. Even if you do not wish to participate on Seesaw, I would appreciate if parents that have not already sent me an email could do so as soon as possible so as I have a contact for each child.

As before, please feel under no pressure to complete all of the suggested activities. They are given as a guideline and are not designed to add stress or pressure to anyone. You know your child and your situation best. If nothing else, please try to read regularly to your child.

Weekly outline 20th-24th April


Phonics Reading Maths
Revision of j, ai, oa (set 4-blue letters)

1.     see and say: put out those letters and say a word with one of them (eg. jam) child has to snap/find the proper sound card

2.    Sound hunt: go for a sound hunt in the house-can you find things with these letters.

3.    Memory game Write out the sounds and draw a picture/write a word on pieces of paper. Turn upside down and find pairs.

4.    Making words with the sounds. Call out some simple words for the children to make. Children should stretch out the words and then find the sounds- jet, jam, job, nail, rain, train, soap, boat

5.    Read and draw: write a few short simple words on a page and get them to draw the words eg.: jail, jug, rain, road, goal, paint…

6.    *Read and match: Seesaw activity


Revision of all letters:

1.     Sound flip: Turn letters upside down, use a spatula to flip the sound cards.

Tricky words: Revision of all covered so far.

-Word Detective: Write 3/4/5 words on paper. Search through books and put a tick mark next to the words as you find each..

Hot or cold:  Write out tricky word on pieces of paper. Hide them around the room for child to find.


Word family: at

*Read the –at words- read the words. What part stays the same? What changes? Can you think of any more –at words. Seesaw activity:

*Read the –at story, record it for teacher and illustrate. Seesaw

2D shapes: circle, square, rectangle, triangle.

+Shape song by Singing Walrus

+Show them the shapes: do they know the name of each.

+discuss: straight/curved lines, how many sides

+make the shape: draw in the air, use thread/lace/wool/ spoons etc.

+Draw/Make a shape picture. (lots of ideas on google)

+*Shape hunt around the house (Seesaw also)


*Comhrá: Cé tusa? Is mise…*Song: Mé féin                                           

 *linked on Seesaw

SESE/Art/Music/Drama/Play (imaginative, creative and physical)
Theme: The Farm

~What do kids know about the farm?-draw a picture of a farm (if possible get them to label their drawing)

~What sort of work does the farmer do? Types of farms-dairy, beef, tillage. What do we get from the farm?

~Video: Springtime on the farm. Look how busy this farmer is in Spring. *Seesaw

~Song: Oats, peas, beans and barley grow.

~Get creative: design a farm -real or imaginary farm, build either whole farm/barn/animals from lego/recyclable materials, patterned fields with paint or colours

~Play-role play as the farmer-doing jobs, what problem could happen? How to fix, -small world (set up farm, colour the farm background and add characters)

News: Decide together on something that the child would like to write: something nice they have been doing etc. Write a sample for them to copy. Keep it short to begin. If they want to ‘have a go’ and try to write another sentence, let them try to sound out.


Daily outline Daily outline 20th-24th April

I had loads of photos from school activities in February and March. Please find them below.

Ms. Ryan